Where are we at in the quarterback spot?

So where are we at in the quarterback spot. With Glenn they were competitive, but now the riders look to be in a tough spot. Do you just give bridge the team and let him go, or pull him and see who fares the best with whoever is left?

Bridge had a bad game. Don't write him off because he had a bad one. The play calling didn't help...but he played bad. It is still Zach's team.

Give Bridge the reigns but help him out with the play calling. I dont remember 1 carry by Messam. And Im starting to think Jones doesnt Care about bolstering his O-Line at all. If one of our starters was hurt, the next man up was Eddie Steele, a DT. Cmon Jones

There are a couple moves tentatively coming on the OL this week. Zver retiring kinda stung and Aduesi was a surprise...he had a fabulous camp and then just tanked with the lights on...that is on the OL coaching. Steele is actually a solid OG. In all honesty I would rather see him in the game, blue at C and Clark on the pine.

This was always the idea with Messam once Thigpen was back and Mason was immersed. Messam can't take 20 carries game in and game out...he is there to be a situational back. Nothing has changed there.

I don't think there's any choice but to weather the road Jones has built.
I'm all for cutting my team slack but the fact remains, management of the Riders has become concerning imo.
It is early in the season (cutting slack) and there have been injuries (cutting slack) so we'll see.
The next 2 games against the eastern's best team Hamilton Ticats I think will show what we have to look forward too for the remainder of 2018
Go Riders Go

Zach is concussed, and will most likely have another unless he is protected better. He won't scramble like he used to a few seasons ago so he's not helping himself either. Not the same QB he was. Bridge was not given a chance to bounce back against Montreal. He has game but Jones has no faith.

Goes more deeper than faith is called taking a risk, make a change at QB for second half - play Dave Watford and see what happens. Jones has faith - Bridge gets the start against Hamilton.

I agree. Bridge seemed to be in his own head a bit. I expect to see him calmer this week, but I think he got a little overhyped and was reading things poorly. He seemed to forget a lot of the things he has improved on. That said...McAdoo needs to move his release point / move the pocket some. Yes, it chops the field/targets down, but that is probably a good thing for now. OL is struggling and Bridge is a little too wide eyed.

It seemed like Bridge tried to get a little too fancy last week. Pulling the ball and trying to pass when he could have gotten 5-7 with a handoff. He also needs to put a little more touch on the ball at times. Like that pick off Roosevelt. You dont always need to throw the ball through your reciever to be successful

I expected a lot more from Bridge. He’s been adamant that he thinks he’s starter material but yet when handed the golden chalice he dropped it. Hard. IMO Jones has him positioned where he should be at #2 - with Watford close behind. If we don’t see some poise and confidence from Bridge tomorrow night I’m not even sure he has what it takes at all. This is his 4th year in this league.

The thing I like about bridge is that he is big and if he can get his game going he could prove to be more durable than smaller quarterbacks, who can’t take the punishment, although Glenn seems to have endured,. The quicker you can get rid of the ball the less you will get hit. Yet it just takes one bad hit to end your career.

I'm pretty anti-Bridge at this point.
He is so inaccurate as a thrower, his decision making is poor, his running ability isn't great. He can run, but he is awkward and isn't gonna make anyone miss.
His pocket presense is terrible and he has tunnel vision.
Worst of all he has no real consistency. This all goes back to his college career and if he hasn't fixed these things by now he won't IMO.

Even last game where he didn't play bad he made a lot of bad throws. I can think of 3 off the top of my head that were especially poor, and either killed drives or turned what would have been potential touchdowns into just a catch.

I want him to be good as a Canadian and as a Rider QB, but I don't see him getting any better than he is right now. I will gladly eat crow if I'm wrong, but I also would much rather see us try out Watford or Gardner at this point. I don't trust Bridge as starter or backup.

so far, Watford has been worse and Zach was not much better. Maybe it isn't all on the QB. BB did not do bad last game.

I"m happy to see they are giving Watford reps. One injury away from him being the starter this early in the season, so best get him some experience. I'm on the fence with Bridge...his raw physical talent is apparent, I'm just not convinced he's going to develop in his head-space to be the starter of the future. I too would be happy to see him prove he can be that guy, just don't think that's going to happen.

I share the doubts and hopes for BB as a starter.
imo, the Riders are still a CFL team without a "Franchise" QB (4 years now)
No I don't believe ZC is the Franchise QB we've been looking for or that he will ever play to his past level.
I just think he is too 'shell shocked' to ever settle in again.

He looked very good against toronto and decent against Ottawa until he was injured. He will be fine once he returns

I'll be very excited to see it, I like the kid, and if I'm wrong He'll win us some championships :wink:

I do not know what David Watford is doing in this league.

I know for a fact there were several better candidates who worked out for the team during the offseason.

If you look everywhere besides QB, this is a championship caliber roster. Jones seriously has a problem of trying to be smarter than everyone else.

What "facts" do you base this on? Watford was firmly in the top 3 in camp...enough so that they punted a returning QB. He was the best QB in camp on at least one day, maybe 2. That is all you have to go with...measurables aside.

As far as working out for the club...that means little. Some do it because they know more than just the Riders show up. Some do it as prep for NFL OTAs. Some see the contract and walk away. There are lots of reasons they don't come.

I know there were several IFL and quality NCAA quarterbacks who worked out for the Riders.

David Watford was a terrible college QB and looks just as awful in Regina.

I have lost so much respect for Jones’ intellect and savvy the last two years.