Where are they NOW?

Former bomber coaches, GMs, CEOs

Mike Kelly - banned from pro football; still on police blotter in Philadelphia.
Doug Berry - out of pro football, looking for places to scream
Lyle Bauer - unconditionally banned from pro football, beset by health problems
Brendan Taman - in last year of payoff bingo from riders; looking for junior level management position; will never be a GM again
Tim Burke - done
Dave Ritchie - retired from pro coaching; aged out
Gary Crowton - just about killed the Winnipeg program; considered for Montreal head coaching spot
Garth Buchko - fled the city he loved dearly after a short, quick and embarrassing run as bomber CEO
Ross Hodgkinson - worked his way up from cleaning toilets in Wpg. to chief diaper changer for Lyle Bauer - no work in pro football from what I understand
Jim Bell - former VP of Standing Around; fired by Wad Miller shortly after Miller's inaugural - now VP of standing around at local Winnipeg soup kitchen/mission; ran for office for federal tories in last fed. election - toppled by a liberal in a stiff upper lip conservative riding
Joe Mack - basically living on the street and picking up last week's copy of Pro Football Weekly; picked up by Kavis Reed - in what some call "The Case of the Empty Rolodex"
Marcel Bellfeiulle - now kicking around somewhere as a junior position coach
Jeff Reinbold - clinging for his coaching life in BC; their new special teams coach.

Been thinking of this one for a while but know it is a touchy subject and few will agree with me that Mike Kelly was the one who got the raw deal from the Bombers over something that never escalated past a newspaper headline.

Lyle Bauer's blessing probably didn't help and he did screw up with KG trying to show some fiscal responsibility but he had John Murphy in place. Mark Nelson was his defensive coordinator. He brought Adarius Bowman to town. 3 guys right there that haven't missed a pay check in 10 years.

Made a good trade for Romby Bryant adding Odell Willis and Philip Hunt part way through. Brought in Michael Bishop late and told Stef Lefors to take a pay cut or go home. Front 7 on D were Hunt and Willis on the ends with Doug Brown and Donny O in the middle. Linebackers Joe Lo, Barrin Simpson, and Shabazz who had a good season. That is a better D than what we have now.

Couldn't quite pull the season out after the bad start and lost their last game to Hamilton to lose the playoff spot to the crossover. AB4 did not have a banner game with 5 drops. 6 months later he has glasses and a new team and never looked back.

That was the last time I ever saw or heard of the board taking any action. Must have been Paul Robson who I think was fairly active at the time.

All water under the bridge now but unfortunate for Mike Kelly who was closer than he is given credit for. If handling matters internally was his biggest fault then the troika should keep an eye out. Of course there is no one on the board who seems to know or care so not to worry too much. lets just keep on keeping on and see where it goes.

Paul 'Mad Dog' Robson was the Wade Miller of his day - an under-sized and under-powered linebacker (not quite as Dom De Louise shaped as Miller) but really slow, fairly terrible player if memory serves.

But he's been a salary-inhaler at various community run sports, media & government organizations since his stint on the bombers as their GM, mostly during the Cal Murphy era - wonder which guy was carrying the water? Hint: Prolly wasn't Robson

Paul has latched on with a wide variety of organizations including bombers, red river ex, Manitoba govt,, Leo Ledohowski's Canad Inns,Winnipeg Sun (short stint as publisher/ceo) and other stuff.

Not capable of stepping back into pro football though. He's the guy who dredged up Joe Mack's name after Bauer & Kelly fled the scene after Kelly's USA arrest.

Very sad that most folks employed by the bombers (in whatever senior coaching or mgmt. capacity) are out of football, retired, passed over, or hot-headers.

I have agreed with every single post you have a written that I've read so far and I gotta say that I agree with your take on Kelly too. I think we are rather like-minded on football matters. Keep up the great posts !

Nobody ever said Mike Kelly didn't have an above average football mind. That was not his problem.

Arrogance & hubris, however were!

Kelly's demeanour with the media and thus with Winnipeg area football fans was in a word - demeaning!

He desecrated every square inch of land he walked upon - was arrogant with his coaching staff and most of his players.

The only thing he respected was Lyle Bauer's ability to cut him regular pay cheques.

The fact Maggot Kelly has never re-surfaced as a pro-level coach reinforces my arguments!

.....Don't forget the comment made by Kelly to our all-star OB' broadcaster Bob Irving....I think the roof caved in about that time especially after Mike's mug shot was flashed..Led to this


Taking out the trash

Appreciate the comment Dan. Thank you.

Was lost in the abyss for a while after ourbombers went down. Never did fit in on the other board. Too much moderator interference for me just in case people wonder what Wade Miller does when he is not trolling the Bomber shop.

Still a rookie on this board so trying to tread lightly and it is the off season but I can see there is room here for those of stronger opinion and feel comfortable that my slightly left of center view will fit in.

Bottom line I am a Bomber fan and would like to see the team do well. Fear we are in a terrible mess and living in self denial that the organization is in good hands. Have not been impressed by the general trend in some time despite the recent winning seasons. Would prefer to see Doug Brown involved but like on Vikings that is not what you do with your enemies.

I do love a good bonfire though and don't mind tossing gas now and then. With that thought I will rebut Lyle's opinion of Mike Kelly by saying that he could not have done worse than Jeff Reinboldt the first time he lost out and was passed over. Also the last Bomber coach to wear a suit game day and look good doing it. Could be a lesson right there for MOS if he wasn't so damn sure that shorts with no socks and a three day beard was the look of a real professional leader of men. Roll eyes.

2018 will let us know.