Where are they now?

Something to pass the time during the loooonngg offseason.

Here’s a few to get us started, quarterbacks from the past:

Ted White, offensive coordinator at Howard University:


Carroll Williams; a ‘life coach’:


Johnny Evans; sportscaster for North Carolina State:

[url=http://www.greensborosports.org/guilford-county-sports-hall-fame/johnny-evans]http://www.greensborosports.org/guilfor ... hnny-evans[/url]

Joe Barnes; into petroleum land leases in Texas:

[url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/argos/2013/08/23/toronto_argonauts_where_are_the_1983_grey_cup_champions_now.html]http://www.thestar.com/sports/argos/201 ... s_now.html[/url]

Ça y est! Vous avez attiré le malheur sur les Alouettes pour les 13 prochaines générations!!! :x

(Blague à part, je souhaite tout le bien du monde à cet ancien quart des Alouettes.)

LOL, I hear you LeStaf!!

I hesitated about including him, but what the heck, if anyone ever wanted proof of the old adage “those who can do, those who can’t, teach”, there it is.

Great thread MadJack, will see if I can find any others.

Here`s a bit of an update on Tom Cousineau:

[url=http://highschoolsports.cleveland.com/news/article/6711191090754475477/whatever-happened-to-tom-cousineau-former-st-edward-ohio-state-and-cleveland-browns-linebacker/]http://highschoolsports.cleveland.com/n ... inebacker/[/url]

Our infamous 2013 Head Coach giving seminars on Game Planning/Practice Organization. :roll:

Scroll down to Thursday evening.

[url=http://www.glazierclinics.com/Coaching_Clinics/Las-Vegas-Nevada-Football-Clinic-Schedule]http://www.glazierclinics.com/Coaching_ ... c-Schedule[/url]

Il va parler de comment intégrer le “fly sweep” dans une attaque.

C’est sûr qu’il connaît ça. La marde, ça attire les mouches.

They are charging people money for that seminar ! Scary.

Quite a payday for our old friend Andrew Hawkins. I know Trestman liked him alot but I guess not enough to have the Bears make an offer. Although I`m sure Trestman had a say in the Bears signing Chris Williams to replace star returner Devin Hester.

[url=http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24479378/report-bengals-to-match-browns-offer-to-wr-andrew-hawkins]http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-foo ... ew-hawkins[/url]

Im surprised a man who seems to think he already knows everything to know about coaching without ever bothering to learn anything would understand the hypocrisy involved in holding such a belief and offering clinics on anything coaching related.

I thought Hawkins would be a star in Montreal after his first season. This didn’t happen in that second season and, I thought this was puzzling to me at the time. Was he injured that second season or, was there any other reason for this? Hi play in the NFL has been great which indicates he could have contributed to our team should he have remained with us. Was there any conflict between he and Trestman/Popp.

That clinic is addressed at High School and up and coming coaches so I’m sure they will be “impressed” :wink:

Also hilarious considering that one of the reason he was fired was because he didn’t know how to run efficient practices. What’s the first module of his talk: “How to wander around in a ridiculous hat while not actually accomplishing anything”?

From the Twitter world, Avon Cobourne headed to Sask. as RB Coach and Bryan Chiu has cut ties with Concordia.

I guess selling insurance didn’t work out too well. Good luck to Avon in his coaching career.

Any mention from Chiu what he will be doing now?

It was Joey Alfieri of CJAD who tweeted it with no further information.

J’aimerais bien voir Chiu parmi nos entraîneurs.

C’est un gars très intelligent avec un excellent leadership.

C’est officiel pour Cobourne.


J ai pense la meme chose.