Where Are They Now ?

Referring to housedog and sanjay.

New staff, check
New stadium, check
New QB, check

Nothing left for the negatrons to say ???

Lol...Look at you stirrin' the pot! :lol: :lol: :lol:

LOL. . . I'll say !

But, truth be told, I have been wondering much the same thing. . .

Sanjay's been around, to say that LaPolice was a bad hire and that they should have hired Marshall. . . although I fully believe that had they hired Marshall he'd have come here and said Marshall was a bad hire and that they should have hired LaPolice. . . geez, don't know why I would think that . . .

But housedog, haven't seen him around in ages. . . I guess if he can't think of anything negative to say, he chooses not to say anything. . .

Just curious, that's all.

....I think they're busy campaigning on an idea to refurbish Canad Inns stadium....and to see if we can possibly re-sign Jason Armstead.....something along those lines.....They sure showed their true colours when all the positive stuff started coming down...too much for them to handle....So it's off to some other negative task....Wherever that is...I hoped they would have had the gumption to come on here and return to the positive fold....I know they'll be quite happy in the new digs like the rest of us Bomber fans... :thup: :rockin: :lol:

I wouldn't speak to soon, we will have to wait until the Bombers first loss, even if it's pre-season, that's when dog comes outta his house. We lose in a pre-season game and house will be on here saying something like "see the BB QBS really do suck" or "Bombers blow Big game" LOL ... i like the last one pre-season=big game, but i can see one of these naysayer's say it. Does it matter, we win they have something negative to say like "lucky", lose and they come on here "i told ya so" and so on, alway's will be negative and obviously not true fans.