Where Are They Now.....??

Just a question, last year at training camp, bombers had a couple guys i was impressed with and was shocked almost disapointed that didnt make the team... what happened to these guys.. any chance that jasper johnson and ronyell whittaker are brought back this season for camp?

Also, wonder if anyone thinks a guy like Quinn Gray or JP Lohshman could be brought in as a qb for training camp or do we already have too many? or is there no such thing as bringing in too many qbs?

Losman sucks, don't waste your time.

unless there are 3 or so cuts, i wouldnt expect any more qbs

but i to would like to see whitaker and jasper johnson here as well

why does lohshman suck?did his team not win the UFL championship last seasoN? thought i read that somewhere atleast. mack was one of the guys in charge of putting the UFL together.. lohshman may not even been an all star when he played in the nfl but who knows, a new league, new rules.who knows. I dunno why people who sit behind a computer monitor and who probably has honestly never touched a football in their lives can come on the internet and say he sucks. Its ridiculous really.

I never knew everyone was such a qb expert, guess u have alot of time watching qb's play on break at mcdonalds or what? like seriously.