Where are they now?

You know, as news in the CFL seems to drag this time of the year (c'mon Tillman, make some news already! hire a coach!), my mind tends to go around other things.

I have always thought this would be a great thread. We mostly all know what some of the greats are doing, primarily because they are still involved to some degree with the CFL. But happens when they are not?

For example, Ted Urness, Schenley winning, CFL Hall of Famer, All Canaidan, All Western All Star, huge force on the Rider's line in the 60's. I know he currently enjoys retirement in Saskatoon, after a very succesful career in a Heavy Equipment Dealership, and a stint with the Provincial goverment. You see him around town every so often, spends alot of time with his kids down south, but Saskatchewan is still home.

Another great, Wayne Shaw, owner of a 66 ring, owns a bookstore in Saskatoon. Loves chatting with anyone who stops in to his store, will talk about the glory days all day long if given the chance. Great guy, great community member, still makes SK home.

What about some of the players who may not have made a (comparable) name in the game? I would love to know what Nate Davis is doing after being released from Wpg. It's like he fell off the map, no news.

So, my question is, who has stories? Who lives near you? Who hangs in that coffee shop that played, or is on that bowling leaque, etc?

I'd love to hear those stories. Especially when news is dead!

Nates in Regina still I believe.

I think he is selling Cars. But that may be just a rumour

Ohhh yeah! He is! At Capital GM I believe. I forgot about that.

George Reed is working at a car dealership in Calgary. Me and some friends webt there for a game and stopped by and met him. We told him we had an extra ticket if he wanted to go with us, but he was already going.

...psst, 'my friends and I'....you dont' want jm02 coming down on you...


My biggest apologies