where are they now bruce lemmerman.

I had Email Request Asking where this player had gone.
So here you go.

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I like to remeber Bruce as the guy who cost us a VERY good Canadian fullback..............Neil Lumsden

I have very fond memories of Lemmer playing in Edmonton. I used to watch him play behind Tom Wilkinson in Edmonton as a boy, and remembered his move to the Hammer... after Moon's arrival in '78, Lemmer was expendable and the trade for Lummer the year the Eskimos beat the TiCats in the GC of 1980 was etched in my mind.

Very familiar predicament.
Hamilton was desperate for a QB (Clements had bolted to KC) and Hugh Campbell phoned Sazio and said "have I got a deal for you"

Maybe History will Repeat it self ?
I hope Not

Not to worry - we have someone better - his son Jesse.
The Eagle

I was at that 1980 debacle. 48-10 romp. Dave Marler was our QB and Obie Graves the RB. All of us fans meeting at the John St. train station for the "special" to Exhibition Stadium in the cold. We were all full of optimism on the way there. Alas, on the way back all we were full of was beer.

Just a guess here, but I think Zontar was implying history already did repeat itself in 2005 when we sent a certain running back to Edmonton and (arguably) received a certain QB in return.

Of course, back then, the trade didn't really work out and we found our QB salvation through a former CFL star who had grown tired of languishing on the bench in Kansas City. (Hmmm ...)

Sort of...but we had Clements in '79 and he was back for the great '81 regular season. Cats gagged in Eastern Final and Clement's esteem never really recovered.

Not in Hamilton anyway. But after we traded him to Winnipeg for Dieter Brock, he won a Grey Cup with the Bombers in '84 against.... Hamilton.

Here's a couple of "where are they now" requests for you Tom:

Ed Turek .....special teams?...I know he returned punts anyhow......well,I think I remember that....lol

Jon Hohman (O-Line....'72 Tiger-Cats)..one of the names I remember from that year.

Thanks for your research Tom. It's much appreciated.....if you strike out on these two.... no worries.....I know it's hard to find some of these guys if there's not much to go on anymore.



I will See what I can find Out Mikey.
I speak to people I know around the league.
Maybe I can find info on 1 of these Former Ticats

Thanks Tom.....perhaps you can start a regular weekly entry on various players you can find for us and what they are up to these days.


That What I am trying do ..
I hope do 1 to 5 players a month via the black and gold report Blog.

Friday Night I will be moving the blog from a Subdomain on bloger.com to it's own domain.
I Decided on .Com or .CA
What would pick a .ca or .Com

I am in Process of Looking for Registering agent for the Domain Now.

It should great year for Ticats and The Black and Gold Report