Where are they now , a look at the 2014 Grey Cup roster .

I was just taking a gander at our depth chart the last time we were in the big game in 2014 . You might be surprised to learn that there are still 10 players from that team that are currently still here in 2019 . Another player on that team Craig Butler is now part of our coaching staff . Equally surprising is the fact that there is an additional 12 players from that team still active in football playing elsewhere in some capacity .

Lets take at look at that 2014 Grey Cup roster and see just where are they now :

Current Cats from that 2014 season .

Brandon Banks - wr/kr
Luke Tasker - wr
Mike Filer - c
Simoni Lawrence - lb
Delvin Breaux - db
Rico Murray - lb/db
Mike Daly - s
Ted Laurent - dt
Aaron Crawford - ls
Jeremiah Masoli - qb

Ex Cats playing elsewhere as of end of 2019 season

Zach Collaros - qb Winnipeg
Justin Medlock - k Winnipeg
Courtney Stephen - db Calgary
Fred Plesius - lb Montreal
Ed Gainey - db Saskatchewan
Linden Gaydosh - dt Toronto
Landon Rice - ol Montreal
Mossis Madu -rb Ottawa
Greg Ellingson - wr Edmonton
CJ Gable - rb Edmonton
Joel Figueroa - ot B.C
Erik Harris - lb/db Oakland (NFL)

Coincidentally I did the exact same thing today. Counted 9 - forgot about Crawford.

Only the following 5 players have been in the same role continuously since that time.

The others have left and come back, moved from backup to starter, etc.

If we go back further and look at the 2013 Grey Cup roster there are 5 players that will have played in all 3 Grey Cup games including this one on Sunday . Only Banks,Lawrence and Tasker though have seen continuous service with the team since that 2013 season . The latter two (Breaux and Murray) both left for a few years before coming back . In addition both Masoli and Filer were on all three teams but Filer didn’t dress for the 2013 game and of course Masoli won’t be dressing for this one .

Brandon Banks
Simoni Lawrence
Luke Tasker
Delvin Breaux
Rico Murray

I would take Harris from that list. ?

Hopefully third time is a charm - like 1986. (So we had a few year gap)