Where are the Thanksgiving game threads ?!

Zack and Johnny are playing today Boyz ! Happy turkey and CFL Football day!

Als shutout Stamps in first half. Any predictions how many points they ( Calgary) score in the second half.

Manziel fumble then a
Pick 6 on Bo what a game ! 6-0 @ 11:33 in the second so far entertaining

Not a pick 6, just an interception. But it’s fun to watch CAL come out flat. Especially their smug QB

If they lose and SSK wins today, there might actually be a real race for first in the West.

Yup correct inter, Calgary looks off or is it Als D playing unreal today lots of twists and turns in this wierd game!!!

Montreal’s Oline truely is horrendous.

Imagine the damage Johnny could do with a great O line , Johnny is in fact improving bit by bit each game

3 quarter time Calgary still scoreless but threatening.

Looks like B25 Mitchell is back in the 4th 10:6 bottom of the fourth ! Never seen so many shithawks flying around during a CFL game ?!

Just seen a sea gull drop a bomb in slow motion! Nasty

Stamps haven’t won in three years in Montreal!!!

You’d have to think there is a real risk of fans getting hit with poop.

There would need to be fans to get hit... When they show that side of the field it's ugly.

It’s time :Zack you can do it !!! Time for a shot and another cold brown pop !

While Cats99 wonders where the Thanksgiving game threads are, I’m wondering where the media is.
I can’t find a single tweet from any newspaper, radio or TV reporter attending the TiCats’ first post bye-week practice and, it would appear, there was nobody there to even ask the coach a single question, afterwards. Maybe tomorrow, when they’re not so loaded down with turkey, somebody, anybody, will do their job and we’ll find out the status of our injured players after their 7 or 8 days of extra rest and rehab.

Really I didn’t even know our Boyz are on the field today ?! Short practice?! Holy shit it’s like a ghost town on here today ! Get up off the couch and get your thumbs typing !

No. This was Day 1, traditionally the longest practice of a normal week of preparation for a CFL team.