Where are the police...

I was trying to pull this off, but security confiscated all my Bat-a-rangs at the gate.

But can he land them? 8)

You guys are jerks. This is a serious problem and it should be dealt with. I don't care if the cops use pepper spray or if they shoot the bums that can't keep their mouths shut. If they had a fight inside they would of been taken out and not allowed to come back. The same rule should apply outside of the stadium. You can joke all you want and call Catatonic a whiner but you are just asses and she was just stating a fact that we all should be protected on City property inside or outside.
If someone was murdered by fighting would you all be happy? I am going to find out myself what can be done especially when we play the Argo's. Maybe a night in jail would do those supposed to be grown men some good. Next time I am callling 911.

dont look at me. I wasnt joking.

You're funny. Well you were, until you wished injury upon another human being.

Curious what exit gate it was at.

As the Box K/Box J gate or gates on the north side have ALWAYS had a security presence at the exits.

Sure it may not be police at each exit. As after the game the police are usually on the field looking up in to the stands to make sure people are leaving in an orderly fashion.

But there is always some rent-a-cop security at every gate in and out of the stadium.

Catatonic, I am sure you are not alone on this one. You should definately bring this up with the Ti-Cats front office. They are trying hard to get fans in the stadium. We are having enough trouble on the field, never mind losing season ticket holders who don't like the product outside the gates.

I brought my 2 year old to her first game the other week, and I would like to bring my kids to many more.

I love this rivalry of ours, but it can get out of hand. I also don't think it is just Argo fans. It takes two to tango as they say. Football is a rough game and I love it, but the rough stuff needs to stay on the field.

Please keep us posted on the feedback you get BoxJGirlsrule. There should be a cop or two on each corner of the stadium and all three gates. Considering the police presence we have at each game, I think that isn't asking much.

It was a fun night in Tiger-Town Thursday night. It's a shame it had to end that way.

Have a nice weekend.

The police are paid to work the game by the team. After there specified time is over they go home. If you want more presencce after the game then that's up to the orgaznization to pay for them to stay longer.

I can't believe this non-issue of a thread continues - this was a bloody football game and you saw a "fight." Heaven forbid!

Did you also see reprobates purchasing alcoholic beverages in the stadium? If you sat behind the players' benches, did you also hear cuss words? Land sakes!

Ivor Wynne is VERY well-behaved compared to many places I've been to in the U.S. Hell, it's even a model of behaviour compared to Percival Molson.

If anything, there are too many surly cops at Ivor Wynne.

being around drunken idiots fighting can be very frightening to young children and creates a bad and unpleasant atmosphere for most CIVILIZED law abiding people.

what kind of degenerates are you people? the OP shows concern about his young kids and drunk fights, and you mock..... reflects very badly on hamilton. the truth.

[quote="BoxJgirlsrules"]You guys are jerks. This is a serious problem and it should be dealt with. I don't care if the cops use pepper spray or if they shoot the bums that can't keep their mouths shut. quote]

Do you really want obnoxious loudmouths shot?
Give your head a shake.

Do you really want obnoxious loudmouths shot?
I wouldnt have a problem with it. World would be a better place. I personally wouldnt waste a bullet on them, but wouldnt cry over it either.

I sympathize completely with the original poster.

CFL games should be family-friendly events, at least in terms of the reasonable expectation of public safety.

It's not unreasonable for someone to expect to be able to walk out the gate with their kids without having to encounter drunken idiots fighting with impunity.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that the constricted exits at Ivor Wynne could become hotspots for unruly behaviour after a game.

I haven't missed a game at Molson in 8 years at least. I can't recall seeing a fight there. My seats are right in back of the visiting bench, can't recall anything really out of line in the stands either.

Well I have only been to IWS once this year but that visit on opening night I saw 1 fight under the stands and several obsence drunken tirades outside. Six fans were ejected for vulgar language in Section H only! I was pushed and spit at cause I and my 18 yo son were wearing Als jerseys.

I find it hard to believe that you have seen incidents outside PMS. Anyone who has attended a game there knows that before and after games there are more cops outside the stadium and on Pine and University St. to downtown than there are inside the stadium.

I've been a TC Season's holder for at least 20 years. Still have them, even though I live in Vancouver now. I've seen more crazy fighting and oboxious behaviour at the few BC games I've been to, than all my years at IW. Great time, mind ya. Just crazy.

What about at the Big O? I have heard about fights there in both the 80's and 90's Als eras plus the Als still play their last regular season game each year there. I do hear that the O is in more of a ghetto area though so maybe that has something to do with it.

From what I have heard in all my years as a CFL fan BC Place is the worst for fights. I only go once a year to see the Ti-Cats but I have never seen a fight yet. I guess its more about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Never saw a fight at the big O....too depressing there to get passionate about anything. The World's largest concrete toilet.

At Molson you don't see too many incidents cause with a 6 yr. waiting list for sdeason tickets, most of the fans there are don't come to drink and fight.The few fans who are there on single game tickets are in the end zones and trust me that the security there are professional guys who are imposing to say the least.

With some of the crap that goes on at IWS, maybe the Cats should give some thought to having the kids who are working the sections now serve hot dogs and hire off duty cops like they used to do at the old Forum.

The poor kid who was handling section H on opening was about 5-3, 110 lbs, and was completely unable to handle the six jerks that the Cops ended throwing out.

I think part of the problem too, is the bottleneck exiting the gates, get the irate losers a little too close to the cheering winners.

Worst problem... Argo games, no question. I had to pull my daughter - then 8 - out of the way of the great 'ear bite fight on Balsam' eight years ago. Seen 'em just about every other blue team game as well.

The issue is what happens just outside the gates. Guys jostle in line, exhange insults, and go to it in the middle of a big crowd when you don't have the room to manouever.

Of course, the police couldn't get into the middle of such a crowd easily to break it up but I think that the original poster has a point. A visible presence right at the gate would generally cause guys spoiling for a fight to wait until they at least crossed the street instead of going at it the second they got out of the gates. Buying 5 more seconds of peace lets the crowd thin just enough that people with kids and those with mobility problems don't find themselves in the thick of two guys duking it out.

Now everyone's happy. The fighter have room. The fans of fisticuffs get to watch. Those needing/wanting to avoid the spectacle can easiy move safely. And - finally - the cops or medical assistance can move in if it becomes necessary. Everyone happy.