Where are the police...

There was once again a fight tonight outside the Balsam Gates. I realize that you can't prevent drunk young guys from fighting but perhaps with some police presence they would take it somewhere else, not in a crowd of people trying to get to their cars. I notice they hire police to protect the players on the field after the game, what about some outside the gates to get paying customers to there cars safely.

This has been happening as long as I can remember. It's Argo fans... they always start it. :wink:

The Police, IIRC are going to play their last concert ever at Madison Square Garden on Saturday.

Thanks for that it doesn't help me get to the car without wondering if my son or I will be hit by a wayward punch.

If you see a fight - either you get involved or you do the smart thing stay clear of the Ar%$# idiots. They are sore losers .....

Hey sigpig you wouldn't of thought it was funny if it was your 6 year old sitting on Daddy's shoulders watching those drunks fighting. We want kids to come to the game but no parent should be afraid they may end up stabbed or worse walking out of the park. The police should be at least outside the gates as they are when we go into the game. Are they there in case someone smuggles in a chocolate bar? I guess you never had children and if you ever do I hope you don't take them to a football game. You are not that funny either.

Good Christ...cry me a river Catatonic. If anything, there are way too many police at Cats games.

Street fights are the best, wish i seen it

Are you kidding me there are far too many cops on the way in to confisgate your bottled water, once you step out of the gate your on your own. I am a woman who takes young kids to the game, I as a paying ticket holder have every right to expect the same said cops to be near the gates on the way out, when a fight breaks out you can't always get out of the way. If it was your wife, mother or kid who is minding their own business trying to get home you might think differently. There are many kinds of people going to the games ie. kids, families, elderly. As far as I know we all have the same rights to our safety. I'm not trying to whine but something NEEDS to be done about this before someone gets seriously hurt.Cry me a river if its someone you know who is the one to get hurt or worse.

Man, I thought Hamilton was a tough town, you guys are really touchy up here.

Uh...walk away.

If the Police were there, do you think drunked up hooligan's would care?

The Police might even use pepper spray to quash the rowdies! Then what?

The Police presence is fine IMO and they do a fine job. :thup:

forget the police, what we need is well armed vigilantes to give this drunken pund scum what they deserve.

I saw that fight and was ready to get busy . The beet can throw these thangs!

8) Right on !!!!
 Where is Charles Bronson when you really need him !!!              <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Let them beat on each other 'til their hearts content...

Your all missing the point, if the punks want to beat the cr#@ out each other have at it. When it happens near the exit of a sporting event where many people are trying to get out in a small area, you cant always get out of the way. If there was police presence outside the gates it would prevent this from happening in such a crowded area. The drunks are still going to fight, but perhaps they will take it elsewhere. I understand the demographics of these events are mostly young males, who feel they could protect themselves in the mix, but some of us dont feel safe.
Would it not make sense to anyone else to have the police around at the end of the game when all the drunks are out instead of at the beggining when everyone is relitively sober?


8) What !!!!
 Was Killer Kowalski at last night's game ????   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

They were around at the end of the game. I saw all kinds as I was leaving. They can't be everywhere at all times.