Where are the official Ti-Cat Stadium construction pictures?

Aside from the ownership diffrences of Investor’s Group Field itself … I find it hard to understand why there are zero updates whatsoever coming from the Ti-Cats on the stadium construction process. The Bombers have detailed photographs on their webpage from the very start of construction. That vital link keeps their fans up-to-date on all the progress. We’ve had the demolition, and now new stadium construction is well under way … with no updates at all from the Ti-Cats. Can somone from the Cats explain why? :roll:

It seems crazy that we have not established a sub-section on ticats.ca devoted to all things construction.

Here’s the link to the Bomber site.

Ticats: Updates please?


I think there will be once thing start to take shape, right now there is not much more than some cement footing and piles of material

Check out page 19 below for some pictures


It may come to who thinks is responsible to post such pictures. Should the Pan Am committed do it, it's their games. Or the city, it will be their stadium. But the Cats have the biggest long term interest in the facility.

I know there's not much to see now, but some still would like to see it progress with some official pictures or better still live Web feed. It was done for BC Place reno (even the construction of the temporary Empire Stadium 2) Winnipeg IGF and now Ottawa.

Someone please step up for those that can be down to the site.

Thanks to all who have posted their own pictures.




33 posts in seven years and you're complaining about updates ?

Why do you ask "Ticats: updates please?" it's the PAN AM stadium. It's being built for the Pan Am Games not the Ticats.
Yes the Ticats will be the major tennant and they will be contributing $1.6 Million a year but it's not their stadium.
Ask the City of Hamilton or Infrastructure Ontario it's their responsibility.

How many posts must he have before he can inquire about that which interests him?

He asked a genuine question in a courteous and polite manner.

All they need to do is have one of their employees go down once a week with a camera, take some photos, and upload them to the Ti-cat site. Then every one can see whats going on. Or as fans take a drive by there once a week and look for yourself. :o

I was told by Scott Mitchell MONTHS ago that there would be a Cam set up to watch what is going on, IM STILL WAITNG 4 months later and still NOTHING!!!!

Bruce Inch ?@Bruce13thMan 12 Dec
@ticatmitchell any word on the demo Cam, that you tweeted about last week Scott!

Scott Mitchell ?@ticatmitchell 12 Dec
@Bruce13thMan I can confirm that there will be a camera. Details to come.Scott Mitchell ?@ticatmitchell 12 Dec

Patience, might be a good word here. After looking at the Investors Group Field Construction Photos, you will notice the pictures started well after the footings were in and the construction was well underway. If you're in desperate need of checking in on all progress that is going on at IWS , you might as well just drive down and see it yourself. It is about exciting as watching paint dry right now or tuning into a professional soccer match.

The Blue Bombers will be the major tenant at IGF. They did not build it, I believe the Province and City paid for it and it is on the grounds of the University of Manitoba, yet the Bombers still had updates on their site.

TCHABS The Blue Bombers will be the major tenant at IGF. They did not build it, I believe the Province and City paid for it and it is on the grounds of the University of Manitoba, yet the Bombers still had updates on their site.
As was said earlier - the stadium is being built for the PAN AM GAMES and the contract is with Infrastructure Ontario who is managing the project NOT the city of Hamilton.

In Ottawa it's the City of Ottawa that has the contract and it's a joint Public/Private project. They have weekly updates:

[url=http://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/planning-and-development/transforming-ottawa/stadium]http://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/planning- ... wa/stadium[/url]

At the end of the day, the City of Hamilton WILL own the stadium. What I am pointing out is that even though the Cats don't own the stadium, it WILL be their home and their fans across the country would like to see how the stadium is coming along. Not everyone can go there to see the progress.

As I said earlier the BC Lions, Eskimos and Winnipeg Blue Bombers recognized their fans interest in their new or renovated facilities and made sure they had live or frequent updates available.

I'm sure PanAm won't have many updates, their focus is Toronto. By the time Hamilton City officials get through all the committees to decide if they should do updates the stadium will be 10 years old. So it's up to the Cats.

At least CBC Hamilton posted some pictures of a model of the stadium http://www.cbc.ca/hamilton/news/story/2 ... model.html

I find it interesting most of the images (drawing ot the model) have endzone seats. It would be nice to have them as permanent seat, at least the North end.

This is what the City of Ottawa is putting out weekly:

April 12 update:

[url=http://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/planning-and-development/transforming-ottawa/stadium]http://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/planning- ... wa/stadium[/url]
  • Off-site, the new roof structure for the north stands is being fabricated; it will be several weeks before it’s ready to install
  • The ramp at the east end of the Civic Centre was demolished last week to make way for an updated access to the building
  • Work to modernize the former Civic Centre salons, administration offices and concourse is progressing well
  • Additional site services are being installed under the stadium field
  • At the south side stands, most of the concrete structure at the first level has been built
  • Supports and forms are going into place for the concrete for the second level seating area
  • The first section of the second floor will be poured in about two weeks

I doubt we'll see much from the City of Hamilton due to the continued "hard feelings" about the stadium site selection and that this is a Toronto 2015 ie. Infrastructure Ontario stadium so the city may feel no real "pride of ownership" despite all the money they are putting in. I do think some councillors as well have ill feelings towards the TigerCats but that is a subjective idea on my part and I have no idea, just what I think.

The city of Hamilton will probably downplay the stadium as much as they can as "who cares" which is very unfortunate but they will own the stadium and I guess that is their perogative.

"- The ramp at the east end of the Civic Centre was demolished last week to make way for an updated access to the building"

Thanks, Mike!

That one point makes me really sad! It looked like they were gonna' keep those ramps. My first live CFL game was during a trip to Ottawa in 1980. The 'Cats beat Ottawa 13-3 and I still have the button I bought!!!

The coolest part of that trip, though, was that me and my friends bicycled up that east ramp - as you could back then - a couple days before the game and watched the Rough Riders practising. My first live CFL experience! Memories!

That was the highlight of my summer of 1980...... until I saw Terry Fox in person at the Oshawa Centre, of course!

Not sure where you are getting this impression from. Everyone I've spoken to, from city politicians to Ontario Government leaders, are excited about the new stadium. Even the Spec is coming around. :wink:

The folks who deserve the most credit for moving the project forward in a positive and thoroughly professional way are City Manager Chris Murray's team at the City. I won't name names mostly because I'll get them wrong, but seriously - the citizens of the City of Hamilton should be very pleased with the work their City government is doing on the Stadium project.

Now exactly what the hold-up on the update cameras on the stadium construction site has been I'm not really sure - other than they are clearly not a priority, building the stadium on time and on budget is the priority. So until they do go live, keep posting your own photos and videos here. I, for one, really appreciate seeing them!

Thanks for weighing in, Bob. I would suggest that at this time, any new major build project in our country comes complete with a digital record of the construction process that can be shared with the citizenry. Reasons being: 1) to record history in the making, and 2) to show citizens how their hard earned dollars are being put to work. It's fascinating to witness the rebirth of such a great landmark, and it is a little sad that many of us from all over North America (from North Carolina in your case, to London ON in my case), can't get a visual on what is going on. If you would take my humble suggestion .... I would recommend using a current Ti-Cat intern, salaried staff, or even partner with a high school photography class in Hamilton, to document by video and still pics the work being done. Anything you could do to make that happen would be appreciated. I am somewhat melancholy about the loss of Ivor Wynne Stadium. However, my depressed feelings would easily be replaced by that sense of optimisim if I could see what is going on. :smiley:


If you build it, the video will come.

Be patient, there is not much to see yet.

Aaaaaw! But I want to bitch and complain about it now.