Where are the McMaster cheerleaders?

It used to be that the Mac cheerleaders were at all the games, and when the Ticat cheerleaders went to the other end of the field, we were entertained by those from Mac. Now all we get are little Miss Muffets, who really are only cute to their parents? What's going on?

8) Yep, I gotta agree, I miss those Mac cheerleaders also !!!
   Hopefully they will be back entertaining us again once Labour Day roles around.

   Don't be too hard on those Jr. Cheerleaders mercury, they are doing the best they can at this point in their life  !!!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->     <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

They are students.
School has not started yet.

I was thinking that was obvious.. guess not.

perhaps you're wrong. I had a feeling that I had seen the cheer team long before Labour Day.
This is from their web page dated 2005.

The McMaster Cheerleaders are excited to announce a new affiliation with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for the summer of 2005!!

Starting in the 2005 season, the McMaster Marauders Cheerleaders will be providing in game entertainment at all of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats home games! They will be at Ivor Wynne to cheer on the black and gold, in addition to their regular Marauder football and basketball games. The Mac cheerleaders are very excited to promote McMaster's athletic programs, as well as cheer on Hamilton's very own CFL team to the over 27,000 fans that attend each game.

Yea that was good wasn't it.

I like the Mac cheerleaders much more than our own "dance team". They're actually interesting to watch and quite athletic.

8) Exactly, and thank you GeoffW. I know the Mac cheerleaders had been doing games in the summer time also. I remember them being there at all games, irregardless of the time of the year !!!
 That was quite obvious to most fans !!!  
 To some others,  I guess not  !!!
8) Exactly bg. They are actual "Cheerleaders" !!!

To each their own.
You do not think this years cheerleaders are "Cheerleaders"???????
You got some explaining to do with that comment!

Two different styles, and two different skill sets.

I do enjoy both the university style athleticism of the Mac team, and the pro sports style of Hip-Hop, Top 40, dance.
This years dance team has been great!

I also liked the Mac cheerleaders…they added a lot of energy and excitement. I was however always concerned one of them could get seriously hurt during their aerial routines.

They sure looked like they were always have a lot of fun though.

Do they lead cheers?? Do they even have cheers?? Nope.
They dance with pom poms. That is a dance team, not a cheerleader.
Back in the day they actually did cheers. Now it's all dance. That's what I mean by saying they are not cheerleaders.

Don't know if anyone has noticed the new barrier/ad frames on the bench side of the field... there isn't even room now for our cheerleaders to do sidelines over there. Before those things appeared each squad (Ti-Cats, Mac and mini Ti-Cats) would spend a quarter in each corner and now there's no room for anybody over there so maybe the Mac cheerleaders weren't asked back for space reasons.

Yes they are called cheerleaders and yes they are more of a dance team BUT they are still THE BEST cheer/dance team in the CFL... trust me.

I second that borehamgirl! the Mac cheerleaders are also better examples for younger girls to look up to (less suggestive).

You did not say, and I was not accusing you of saying that they were not cheerleaders, Tipper did.
The way the post was copied looks like yours.

I would be safe in assuming that a large % of the guys attending our games enjoy the Ticat cheerleaders. The cheerleader has evolved to what we see on gameday.
Like you said more dance.
When the cheerleaders are on the sidelines they are cheering though.
When they go out to center field they entertain with their coreographed dance, and if that is the only time that you observe them, then yes they just dance
Like em both, and the game is OK too.

Japan4 I take offence to your comment about the Mac cheerleaders are a better example for younger girls to look up to....The Tiger Cat cheerleaders are all university or college educated girls who will or have professional careers in there real life......they also go out on do promotions on behalf of the Hamilton tiger cats at many functions around the area such as McHappy Day, Tim Horton's camp day....visit kids at Mac sick Hospital etc etc......what more can you ask for role models......these girls are the upmost respecatable young ladies that are excellant role models.......who also in there spare time teach at various dance studio's........so maybe you should actually think before you write........and as far as cheering boreham girl, yes they cheer as well as dance to entertain the fans.... have you seen the other cfl teams, they all have dance teams......ours just happen to be one of the best in the league lead by a very classy coach in Leslie Stewart.....

Good post, Cealey16. The McMaster cheerleaders and the Ticat cheerleading/dance team are both effective even though they use different styles. The Ticat cheerleaders appear at as many if not more charitable events than the Ticat players do during the year and they deserve full credit as good role models.

I think you are misunderstanding what I mean by "cheering". I mean cheering as in having a clever cheer like they did back in the '80s I'm not trying to take anything away from these girls. I'm sure they work very hard and from everything I've seen they have been very nice to the fans. I respect the fact that they do charity work and appreciate that they do hospital visits as my niece spends LOTS of time at McMaster. I'm merely stating that while most people enjoy the more modern "dance team" type of "cheer" team. I prefer the more traditional, cheering type like the Mac cheerleaders.

i respect your opnion Borehamgirl......however i take real offence from Japan 4 stating that these girls aren't as good role models for young girls as opposed to the Mac cheer team......I dont need to repeat myself but i'm sure MR Japan4 should apologize to any of the girls he may have offended by his statement.......


They do great things in the community. Some of their dance routines are also designed to be sexually suggestive. Not a lot... but a little hip wiggling here and other wriggles there are the reason that lots of guys watch.

To some people that's all well and good. to others, such moves aren't considered in the best of taste. We have a difference of opinion here and that extends to parenting goals. That's my take.