Where are the ladies??

Down here in the states there are many women who are fans of or participate in sports, and I'm sure the same can be said for Canada.

I'm just wondering how many ladies post on sites like these?

More than you would think.

Most Of The Female Posters Are From Saskatchewan I Tend To Find. The 3 Biggest Female Posters Used To Be Saskargo, Kristen 85, And Missmartha Although I Haven't Seen Any Of Them Since The Forum Got Updated. Although Who Knows How Many Of The Posts Are From Women Posters, It Seems Kinda Odd To Bring Up A Persons Sexuality In An Internet Forum, I Mean How Many Times Have You Said Something Personal Like Your Sexuality, Racial Background, Religion, Job, Or Education. This Isn't A Dating Site So There Really Very Little Need For People To Bring Up That Type Of Information.

I think football is a MAN'S sport and women understand that, so they stay away. Anywomen dare to challenge my view?

Ho! my god what year is this 1967

there is a lot of women that love football i know i'm one of them

and im one of them! yay football and guys in tight pants! lol :wink:

hey sexiest... i mean Gilly, it may be "played" by men but doesnt mean that us woman dont know a thing or two about it, i bet i know just as much about football as you do, and if its a mans sport... what does that make you?

I Know A Few, And Have Played Against A Few Women Footballers. Wasn’t There A Female Kicker A Few Years Back That Played For A US College, Anybody Remember Who And What College? (There Kristen/Gilly Prove Who Knows More)

ill have to admit i have no idea, all i said was i know a thinng or two about football, as in i know how the game works, im still pretty young and im into CFLfootball not some female kickers who played for a us college. just because guys play the sport doesnt mean that we dont know anything about it and that its only intended for you so called " men".

Her name was Katie Hnida. She joined the Buffaloes (colorado) in 99, IIRC correctly. After "trouble" stemming from incidencts with her teamates she found a new home with the New Mexico Lobos.

I win!!!

Wow! NotEZ, I'm Inpressed That You Were Able To Get That So Quickly. I Just Remember Hearing About It In The News Because She Wasn't Allowed In The Locker Room So She Missed Out On Some Of The Team Meetings, Not Like That Matters For A Kicker.

I remember when she left Colorado. The university was in damage control for months afterwards with news of harrassment, teamates raping her in the locker room and all that. It was a big deal after that. I don’t know if anything actually happened in way of charges/investigation, so I’m not sure if it was true, but it was in the news for months. I only remembered now because she joined New Mexico at the beginning of 2003 (might have been '04) and there was something in the news last year about her trying to get her elegibililty extended an extra year because of the year she had to take off of school because of the Trauma she suffered at Colorado

Way to go Not EZ Being Green! Gilly hasn't got back to you...Must be still in his cave....LOL

There is green girl and afemalecflfan on here. Those are the only two I know.

There are more girls than that on here. Believe me!

Bamboo--How could you forget me? I posted on here a lot last year & not to mention it was pretty obvious that I was a woman as I was the one that was pregnant. I'll forgive you though.

Um, I can't remember who it was but they were saying that football was a sport for men, well if men know so much about football how come they got beaten by a girl in the Virtual Grey Cup last year. I got third place, I think that that says a lot for a girl!!!

Being a substitute boy for my father I grew up loving virtually all sports, which has come in handy when it comes to hubby :wink:

I am still having issues however, with women in what one would deem as "mens" sports and women broadcasters. But that is just growing up in a mans world and I preach to my nieces a different story :wink:

My wife’s crazy 'bout the CFL and I’m a lucky man!


Wow Spankee I'm Terribly Sorry, But I Think That Was My Point. You I Didn't Even Know Was A Female Till After You Had The Baby And Brought Up The Fact That You Had Been Pregnant. Another Point Is That Yourself And Missmartha, As Well As A Few Others Had Some Amazing Arguements About Football With Saskargo. Also Don't Forget That I Finished Above You In The V.G.C.C. Although You Did Have A Better Winning Precentage.

Well there Bamboo...thanks for your insight but I am not looking for a date (I am married) I was just curious because I know that many women are into sports, and have very good ideas and strong opinions (as do men)

And as far as personal info. goes....I have stated numerous times that I am employed as a cement mixer driver, and I don't think in any way that labels me as on the prowl on a site like this.

Just want to make sure that Iam not part of a sexist site is all. :expressionless: