where are the fans!

The best 20,000 fans in football keep up the good work people the noise was deafening we helped win that game. I hope the couch potatoes enjoyed the game

This city dissapoints me. Why acn'y people get off their A** and buy a ticket. THis game should have had at least 25000. Concerns me :thdn:

Ya, I was a little po'd too but you know what? we had 0 quiet fans there. Everyone was there to go insane and cheer on their team, not watch a football team. Was loud, I loved it :slight_smile:

Could be the other 5000 fans figured on a loss. Should be interesting to see how many turn out for next weeks game. If I lived in Southern Ontario.....I'd be there.

Speaking of which, I did go to the Lions game this summer when we were back in Hamilton July 31st. My 3 daughters and I sat up in Section 27, Row??? Q I think. Man oh man.....you people up in that section need to get into the game. My girls and I thought that perhaps we were surrounded by BC fans. Talk about ...quiet. Sheesh. I guess I should have tried to get seats down with the Box J boys. At least it looks like they know how to get into a game.

I don't think Calgary is considered a good draw, and maybe the team's performance last week made some want to stay at home. But I don't know if those can be considered excuses for not going to the game.

We have a team that's above .500 more than halfway through the season. The team is undefeated in its last five home games. The attendance next week vs. Montreal had better be better.

I thought historically Calgary was not a very good draw in Hamilton. The Cats need to show the fans they are serious contenders. Seems like that do ok against the West but against the East teams they have a losing record. At this time everyone is waiting to see if the Cats are for real. It is being to look that way. They have been pretty consistent and in pretty well all the games.

It is pretty sad that the Cats are drawing below 20,000 a game with a .500 team. What happened to the 250,000 fan season of 2004?

I understand the Cats claim they aren't into give-aways and are optimizing their ticket revenue now as opposed to the discount tickets of 2004 locked in for 3 years. I can also understand many in a blue-collared town may find it hard to afford a season's worth of games.

Despite this, I feel the golden horseshoe market is big enough that the Cats should be able to get 25,000 a game consistently and especially on a good weather night with a competitive team.

19,448 to see the Grey Cup champs is a shame.

Historically everyone but the Argos on Labour Day draws poorly.

Bad attendance tonite on the heels of a terrible loss last week.

I say we only get 23k next week.

Actually, we have averaged 22 758 a game. Although, it could be better with our competitive team. This is the best team we have had in 10 years. Hoping for 24 000 to 25 000 for the Montreal game. Maybe a sellout? Why not.

"Win some games, they will come"

*Looks around the room eerily.

After the last few seasons it'll take some time for the bandwagon fans to get back on. At least we know who the diehards are.

Last nights attendance was extremely disappointing, and concerning. No way there should have been less than 25,000. With only 1 home loss heading into last nights game what exactly are the fans looking for before they will support this team? I applaud those that were there but really 19,000 and change is pretty sad.

"but really 19,000 and change is pretty sad."

I sort of disagree........it is what it is.

I think if you look on the bright side, you could say that there are 19,000 people out there that could yack it up out in the community and keep promoting the Tiger-Cats wherever they can......within their own families, circle of friends, at their workplaces, on their social networking internet pages, their e-mail lists etc, etc.

It might seem like a big chore to make another 10,000 casual attendees want to become regular attendees, but it can be done.

There is a potential market of 3-4 million people in the whole general area and it's not too difficult to market a product to them all. What doesn't work is to suggest that 19,000 people are the enlightened ones and everyone else out of the 4 million are losers, slackers and shameful human beings. People have choices in their lives as to what to do with their spare time and entertainment dollars and the challenge is to make them actually desire to be at Ivor Wynne stadium when the lights go on. There are lots of things people do on a Friday night and the competition for the entertainment dollar is fierce but with some creative ideas, blanket awareness of the Tiger-Cats product is achievable.

For instance, the Binbrook Fair is on this weekend......a great idea last night would have been to have a Tiger-Cats exhibit, some practice roster players and a few of the cheerleaders attend while the Calgary/Hamilton game was in progress (perhaps even have a television there so people could stop and watch a bit of the game and check the score while at the Fair)........the idea being that every attendee at the Binbrook Fair would not be looked at in shame for not being at Ivor Wynne last night but rather invited to be there next Friday night when Montreal comes to town......it's little stuff like that which generates good-will over time and makes people feel welcome to the games.

Seriously, negative messages going out to casual fans does nothing to endear them to the Tiger-Cats brand whatsoever. It only alienates them. The trick is to gently nudge them through positive and welcoming messages over time that they will have a great time 10 times a year if they show up in person to cheer on the Tiger-Cats. And remember, even those die hard fans out there who can not attend even one game for whatever reason can still make an impact by spreading the word and encouraging others to become fans who may be looking for something cool to do on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Here's a great idea most of us can do very easily......if you know someone who is starting to date someone else and are looking for ideas other than the old "movie and dinner" routine, why not help them out by purchasing a few tickets for them as a contribution/gift to them. A football game is a fantastic idea for a date and it will make you feel good knowing you gave them a fun night and a great memory and you never know, but, you may have just created two life-long fans if their relationship lasts.

With high school, local colleges and universities back in full swing now, maybe the Ticats would benefit if they had a "bring a date" night this time of year each season........and really market the idea to all the new young couples who have just met each other and are looking for somewhere unique and special to go on a date.

It's a gradual process but I firmly believe that the way to increase the regular attendance from 19,000 to 30,000 is to make people feel warmly welcomed and that they want to be at a Ticats game.....not to make them feel like they are obligated to be there because of undue pressure.

Anyways, I never like to offer my commentary without at least coming up with a creative idea..... so, I offer my idea of a "date night".

By the way, I've already informed my girlfriend of over 3 years where our "date" will be next Friday night :wink: ( yes, even though we have a solid relationship, she still insists we go on a formal "date" every few weeks......) :lol: What better than a Ticats game and Hess Village afterwards!

well said Deerhunter :thup:

8) One major problem regarding attendance, and it has been this way in Hamilton for many years,
 is when the CFL schedules two home games in a row, within a 7 day time frame.

 The casual, or walk up fan will usually pick one of the two games to plunk their money down for.

 With the economy the way it has been in Hamilton, it makes it pretty tough for some to have

  enough excess cash to attend both games in that close of a time frame !!

  Maybe more people have decided they would rather see a first place, Eastern rival, in Montreal !!

  However, if the attendance next week is below 24,000, then it is a major concern.

  It didn't even look like there 19,000 there last night.  But it sure sounded like 30,000 with that 

  noise we made !!  Especially when Calgary had to call that time out, due to that noise  !!!     <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

I think the problem is that too many fans feel that there is only one game a year worth going too. Labour Day.

The fans need to put that behind them because the team deserves more than that.

I believe this is not a good sports market they have a core of 20,000 and that is it, just came back from the ymca the Tiger Cats were the big topic in the locker room but not one of these guys went to the game
If you go to sports bars on the night of games a lot of them are full, guys will spend money on the booze and watch it on tv and it the same breath tell you about tough economic times and they can't afford to go to the games.They are just so use to laying around watching the NFL drinking beer and farting all day,get off your butts and give the local team a look. I wonder if the NHL looks at this and sees this city can't support a cfl team and they want to join our league what a joke.I believe the people have the right to spend there money where they see fit but it's not going to be on the Ti-Cats

What the heck Ti-Cats? you are playing against one of the top teams in the CFL, your team is playing well.. and you only get not even 20,000 people out to your place?

you should be ashamed of yourselves!

I was there and there were massive chunks of the stadium empty. This probably had to do with a) we lost to the second crappiest team in the CFL last week b) calgary was first in the west and had the best offence in the CFL.

If I lived In Hamilton I definately would've been there no question