Where are the fans?

It is 7:37 pacific time and 1:48 left in the first quarter against the Hamilton Tiger Cats and my question is, where are the fans? Don't tell me they are all watching hockey? The Vancouver Canucks have never gotten as close to winning the Stanley Cup since they started playing hockey? What is going on?

Why aren't the stands packed to capacity? I know the tickets are cheap, I travelled 8 hours to get to a BC Lions games last year. If I lived in Vancouver I'd have season tickets. Are we coming up short of just plain promotion of our great Canadian game?

Mybee the CFL needs to dump some serious money into promotion. TV is not it. You have to go into commu nities and promote football. (The 2nd great Canadian Sport) which is, by the way, a better game than the NFL, and maybee it needs to be promoted that way. What if all of us CFL fans started a campaign to tell everyone that the CFL is a better game than the NFL?

I'd be glad to give up my job on behalf of the CFL and go to communties promoting the CFL and get more bums in seats. Having played high school and college in Ontario, this is my game.

I know it's always been this way but can we not do better? This is embarrasing,not only to me,but what about the players who come here from the States and see that there's no one here. I'd give $1000 of my own money to support some foundation which promotes Canadian football, at the junior, high school, college or professional level. I need help. Can someone help me? I must not be alone in my mantra...

Mark Daines
Rossland, BC

Good rant ... and good luck, Mark

Good rant Mark!
I make about half of the games from the Cariboo. (Although having familly on the Lower mainland gives me a good excuse to travel).

I guess its big city mentality. When I travelled to Commonwealth last year and Calgary the year before, the press coverage those two cities get is amazing. Calgary has such a "party game" atmosphere with all their tail gate parties.

Don't know what the right answer is out here on the wet coast!

If I lived in Vancouver, I'd definately go to every game, whether the Canucks were playing or not.
But as it is, I live in Calgary, so I try to go to whatever Stamps games that have the Lions playing.
Maybe next year I'll get Season Tickets and just go to all the games. :slight_smile: