Where are the fans that like the CFL as is?

Virtually every single day on this board we get someone posting a thread about something they'd like the CFL to change. Are these people really CFL fans? I'm not sure, because the CFL they want only exists in their heads it seems.

Things are what they are, and the CFL is what it is, and the sooner people accept it as is, the sooner you can concentrate on being a fan.

We fans don't drive the CFL, we fuel it.

The CFL changes its rules every year, often in response to its customers.

I think that if you really love the CFL, you want to make it as good as it possibly can be, which sometimes means changing it.

Wow, canadianfootballfan... were you working for the Hillary Clinton campaign during the recent U.S. election? For a moment I thought you'd taken a page right out of Hillary Clinton's campaign mantra and tweaked it...

"Things are what they are, and America is what it is, and the sooner people accept it as is and maintain the status quo the sooner you can concentrate on being a Democrat."

Interesting. :wink:

I don't care I just want june to get here.

CanFan, there are 2 ways to look at it.

  1. If not broke , do not fix it.
  2. What can we do to make it better.
    I am a fan and watch regardless.

There have been 2 changes I have hated.

  1. Changing from 16 - 18 games.
    2 . US Expansion. Stupid, should never have happened . So glad they dumped them in 96.
    It drives me into rage, every time someones suggests to try it again.

However, if I was to change, I would make 2 changes.

1 - Go back to 16 games. I see to many injuries to justify 18.

2 - This has always been by gripe with the CFL. The single point after a missed FG.

I am ok with it , IF the returner has possession of the ball and goes down on a knee for a point. No problem.

However, if the ball goes sailing through the end zone and there is no chance of a return, there should be no single point.


How about going to 4 downs? Playing 4 downs on a Canadian size field would be a great way to generate more offense.
Leave all the other rules in place.

Pour ma part, je retournerais à la règle des 10 verges pour faire contact avec les receveurs. La nouvelle règle enlève beaucoup de stratégies défensives et donne trop de facilité pour l'obstruction planifiée des receveurs.

Je changerais également la règle des contacts sur la tête des quarts-arrières pour ne pas y inclure un contact accidentel et sans impact. Une main qui effleure le casque du quart alors que le joueur défensif se retourne pour aller en poursuite du porteur du ballon ne devrait pas être sanctionné.

Du reste, j'aime le football canadien pour ce qu'il est, avec ses 3 essais, le simple, la règle d'immunité pour les retours de bottés, le mouvement avant la remise, etc. Si certains ne le trouvent pas assez américain, ils ont tout un menu pour se satisfaire avec la NFL. Il ne servirait pas les intérêts de la LCF de ne pas miser sur ce qui distingue son football de celui de nos voisins. Aucune ligue alternative de football américain n'a survécu de façon durable. Ça devait suffire à conclure que c'est une voie à ne pas emprunter.

All the other rules?

Wouldn't you also like to see the ratio abolished?

Non. Le jour où ça arriverait, je cesserait de regarder le football canadien.

Yet another Canadian obsessed with all things American. It's sad really. You really give off a beta male vibe by doing so.

I don't follow American politics, or really anything American. Why? Because I'm Canadian - not American. I love my own nation, and not another.

The beta male/female follower role that most Canadians take makes me truly sad.

Maybe you should just nip it in the bud and move there.

...so if beaglehound had used as his example the mos maorium "Moribus antiquis res stat Romana virisque" instead of the modern American version would you tell him to move to ancient Rome too?

...doesnt mean he's uber-pro american.... :roll:

...for the record, I want the 2017 season to be exactly like the 2016 season 'cept for a different GC result...

I forgot to mention this change.

Stampeders, please get rid of those damn freaking black helmets.

We are the red and white remember ?

I was old school before old school became old.

I am an American fan of CFL football.

Nothing wrong with rule tweaks to improve the flow of the game.

But to deliberately mimic US rules (eg. 4 downs) would be a huge mistake. I love the Canadian game BECAUSE it is different, because it requires different strategies, and different skill sets at many positions to excel at the game.

If you mimic the NFL game, you backfire ... because what you end up with is the same game ... played by less talented players.

A huge miscalculation IMO.

Respect to you for understanding this better than most Canadians - or at least the ones who frequent this board.

The only thing I want is to abolish the "no contact beyond 5 yards from scrimmage on an offensive player". That's nonsense.

That and extend the practise times so that we can improve the product.

Otherwise happy with the state of the league :slight_smile:

4 downs would be treason and the end of the league.

For the most part the game is just fine. I have no problem with tweaks, even on a yearly basis, but some of the more radical ideas that get proposed are more then silly.... the CFL would be better served to be more meticulous when making rule changes.

Actually the CFL could be more meticulous in most that they do.

Fuck NO! Get out of Here!

Amen! Never will the CFL add a down

^This times a million