Where are the Debbie Downers / Negative Nelly's / CFL Haters?

Today must have been a good day for the CFL and the Argos because many of the CFL posters who are always negative on all things CFL are M.I.A.

The Argos won and attendance was strong.

Both games were well played.

Some posters must have found it painful.

No Hank01 is still posting up a storm....

Attendance was strong? I'll give you this much - Those who actually showed up made a ton of noise. But how about those who did not show up? That place was almost half empty. How's that possible for a playoff game, especially in a city the size of Toronto? I feel bad for true Argos fans - Their city does a poor job representing and has for quite some time.

Today was better than most of us expected and a step forward. Today was a positive for the Argos and the CFL. Well done to everyone involved.

"Protagonist" alert!!!!

TSN must have used CGI on all those empty red seats because I didn't see hardly any on the broadcast. ::slight_smile:

On a side note, do you not see the irony of making that post in this particular thread (hint: re read the title ::)). To clarify, I do see the irony in making this post after opening by calling the poster a "Protagonist".

Yup. Need a negative nelly thread to draw them out.

No BMO wasn't sold out but I really don't think anyone expected it to be which is different than hoped it would be.

Where are people getting half empty from. It's the most full I've seen it since the 2016 home opener and that night had navy and while shirts to hide the reds.

Takes a creative nelly to take the Argos biggest crowd in 4 years as lemonade and turn it into a lemon.

There was lots of conflict about the refereeing in Toronto you missed it you came here too late Kev . Big hit first quarter on Glenn .

And someone who has the moniker evil doctor on a CFL site calling me negative is just Ironic . Good one . I replied to someone thinking of giving up on the league which we should listen to and ignore at the peril of the league's interest . I replied in kind as to what should be done in my opinion .

While you evil sent a snarky goodbye Felicia meme to the poster . That helps .

Maybe it's just me, but name calling other posters as downers and haters seems a bit negative...... Nelly.

Attendance being up is a good thing.

Not selling out a division final game in ANY professional sports - is still embarassing.

Moreso when you look at how big Trona is. And when you realize that new Canadians and immigrants care more about their sport and fill that same park for MLS - while Argos fans cannot.

  1. MLS does not "fill" BMO Field. Their average attendance is higher than the Argos but below capacity, 88% in 2016,

  2. If you must be condescending at least do it right. We do NOT pronounce it "Trona". A real Torontonian pronounces it Trono, and

  3. Complete your thought. Your last para starts 2 thoughts and completes neither.

The CFL and the Argos need just a few simple things:

  1. More fans. Support is embarassing all year long until a playoff game, then they show interest for a few days and mistakenly think they've solved their problems.

  2. More fans tuning into to CFL TV broadcasts.

  3. More merchandise sales.

It Trona or Trono can't do that, but they're worried about how others pronounce the city's name - isn't that an indicator of what is some of the root causes for the CFL and Argos fan apathy?

Get over yourselves and participate. Or watch the CFL leave your city one day soon.

It is you who need to get over yourself. You decided to use a schoolyard nickname for Toronto over and over and over and over…again. It is you who has decided to lecture hardcore CFL fans (that is why we spend our time on an internet message board, casual fans don’t) on how to be fans and you who set your own standards that must be surpassed to be considered a fan.

Get over yourself and join the discussion or just go away.

Is your name Debbie or Nelly?

Can you do this?

Can you attend a CFL game?
Can you purchase team/league merchandise?
Can you watch CFL all season long and not just in playoffs?

Do any of those things and you're a fan. If one doesn't do them they're a casual observer.

This is all good stuff DC. We should be writing it down. I'm trying to commit it to memory.

I never knew there were requirements for fandom. To quote a very learned person to our south "Who knew it was so complicated? Nobody knew."

If we could get this in a checklist so I don't miss anything. Wait, I can modify my "protagonist spotter" checklist. It's on my desk anyway as I am using it right now. I think I have spotted the elusiveinterneticus troglodytarum. 8)

I guess we now know who doesn't go to games.......

You stand on a pedestal of your own making......I'll bet you're fun at parties.

You know nothing. What we do know is you, in the 2 short months since you joined, have done nothing but antagonize and create conflict where there is none.

Well done, you hooked me for awhile and shame on me for not seeing it sooner, but I’m done feeding you.


Can you attend a CFL game ? A CFL game ? as in single ? as in just one ? Have to answer no , as I've attended way more than just one game in my lifetime . Just a rough estimate on my part but I'd say a ball park figure over the years has me at somewhere between 350 to 400 CFL games that I've witnessed live over the years .

Can you purchase team/league merchandise ? Yes sir , I certainly have and I certainly can . Over the years I've purchased merchandise anywhere from team jerseys , tee-shirts , sweaters , hoodies ,pants , jackets , hats , toques , scarfs , mitts ,gloves , socks , flags , playing cards , mini footballs , pennants , buttons , coffee mugs , beer steins , coasters , game day programs , books , blankets , towels , photos , media guides etc etc . Excuse me if I left anything out BUT hopefully this answers your question .

Can you watch CFL all season long and not just the playoffs ? Yup , have been now for going on over some 48 yrs . My dad took me to my first game back in "68" and I've been watching and going ever since .

Do any of those things and you're a fan........So do I qualify ? do I meet your criteria ? Did I pass the test ? ....... Or am I officially in your books just another casual observer ? ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: