Where are the Argo fans?

The Argos are in the Grey cup and I see little to no talk of the game, the last post was 19 hours ago.

Where? Watching soccer

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I was listening to a Toronto radio station yesterday. when it came to sports, talk of other sports teams but no mention of the Argos and the Grey Cup. Disgusting !!!


I’m out here in the left coast I heard there was an uptick in interest about the game. Not So? This year I’ve seen more interest about the Lions from the various sport writers and broadcasters then from before.

Canada doesn’t play until Wednesday, the other games can be watched too, buy I'd think that your team in the Grey cup would be more important than Qatar vs Equator.

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You would think so.

However hockey and basketball playoffs are only 5 months away, so the games are critical now.

Blue Jay training camp is only 6 months or whatever away.

That other football league, car races, whatever.

As in all season long and years past, anything but the CFL.

But..if they win, they will appear, maybe. If they have a parade or party, their will be a few more “fans”, not just friends and family that are normally in attendance.

Enjoy the day and game..Go Bombers

I've seen Argo fans on Twitter having quite a few drinks. Most of the Argo fans might be hung over.