Where are the Argo Fans???

In the Hamilton Forum we are blogging and following the game.

Where are the ARGO FANS?!?!?!?!

not very active, obviously.

It is a shame. Such a great league. Deserves better from Toronto.


Most of us post on Friends of the Argonauts site.
But it was a great win for the Doubleblue. Great defense, tough running by Cory Boyd and a great game by the offensive line. Lemon had much more time than I thought he would have.
We all know that turnovers will kill you and that's what Hamilton fans will have to think about all winter. But they have a good team and I'm glad its not two game total point like the old days. I don't think Hamilton would turn the ball over like that two games in a row.

Congrats to the Argos whom I also picked correctly to grind it out for the win.

Before the season started, no one honest on here thought the Argos would make the playoffs much less win a playoff game!

And so much for the derision of Lemon with a win in his first playoff game in I believe ANY league.

And that's just how they'll have to play to beat Montreal too if there is any chance of that happening.

The Argos are dangerous when allowed to hang around after the first half.

Basically the pass defence and special teams coverage of Montreal are its weaknesses, so if Barker can just have Lemon

  1. Execute the simple play-calls via runs from Boyd and short passes with play-action (see film cited in the "Throw Back Tight End Thread)
  2. Commit no more than one turnover and no pick-6s

and then play for field goals, field position, and defence in the first half, well then the Argos do have a fighting chance.

They are definitely not a come-from-behind team otherwise but for a few games where the opposition committed many lapses on special teams.

It's too bad they couldn't link the Friends of the Argonauts site to this one but it may not be possible or the folks at FotA might not want that to happen, I don't know.

We are here...I am posting and splattering all over facebook.

This team does deserve better recognition.

There is just soo many different sites to post.

:thup: :D

During Argos games I'm holding my beer, not my laptop.

I've also been known to enjoy my beer during Argos games too.

As far as there not being alot of action on the CFL Argo board it's true. I used to just come here to read and post but there was not much to see so I have done most of my posting and reading on the FOA forum now as well as it's alot more active. I would like to see more Argo fans posting here as well though.

Seems to be the same issue for the stamps site. Being new here I started a thread on the Rider site about where are the stamp fans. Answer I got was the same as for the Argos, a different site is used. To bad cause it would be nice to have all the CFL fans on one site. A lot of friendly banter would be interesting.

I believe the Riders linked their old site to CFL.ca and later closed it down as people had time to transition to the CFL site.