Where are the adjustments?

It's 1:50 am and it's been a long day. Be that as it may. Here's my 2 cents.
Final score Als 42 - Cats 8. Is Montreal that much better than us? I say, they might have more talent and experience in several positions..... and turnovers hurt us a lot last night. But, by far the biggest difference is in our lack of adjustment: play selection, execution, and defensive alignment during the course of a game. After the first quarter it was very obvious that we needed to make changes. These changes became even more obvious to the casual viewer, yet nothing happened. Instead we changed quarterbacks and continued on the same path.
Why didn't we start throwing the quick release flare pass to Cobb to counter the overwhelming pass rush? Why didn't our cornerbacks jam the receivers coming off the line of scrimmage to counter Calvillo's quick release out to the flats that killed us all game.
Am I alone in these thoughts?

You are so right synthcat. When other teams have certain routes taken away they re adjust until they find something that is succesful
I'm a little tired of seeing a sack on first down followed by a draw play or a wideout screen on second and 20. That fools them every time (NOT). To many 2 and outs. It's unbelievable how we see other teams offense adjust and take what is there game after game, it's almost like the OC can't beleve certain plays don't work and we're going to try them until they do.
Our play in the redzone is also a BIG cause for concern. The good teams will score a TD a good percentage of the time.
Not much sense in having all those speedy and sure handed recievers if your not going to use them.

Perhaps some adjustments are needed in the hiring of a new offensive coordinator.

If we want to be successful in the playoffs and establish a QB we need to put the team in a position to succeed rather than a position we continually hope they don't fail in

Did we ever get into the red-zone last night? The really good teams will have several successful drives to get into the red-zone for scores every game. The really great ones will also have several short drives (thanks to the great D). Maybe a total of 9 drives = 6 TDs, 2 FG and 1 rouge = 49 points from scores by the offence.

We didn't even reach the 55 yard line until around the 3rd quarter..... Marquay McDaniel fumbled on a return, Drisan James fumbled on a return, Porter fumbled 1 or 2 times, Porter got picked off 1 or 2 times, we got so many sacks against us, overall our team wasn't there at all. Playing like the ticats class of '07.

Under normal circumstances team will make adjustments during the game and at half time that will counter the other teams success. The Tiger Cats for some strange reason were not in the game from the offset. The team got beat in ever phase of play except for speacial teams - even that was average due to the fact the players have great difficuly making one or two blocks to spring the returner.

As I said in a previous post that was (removed) this game serves as a wake up call for Obie & Marcel and his entire team. It is more than obvious Montreal was more prepared than the Cats.

I don't know about that yet. But certainly we need to use Cauley and Cobb. Why does Marcel and company think that a 2nd year QB is going to duplicate the reads, execution, timing, and accuracy of Calvillo.
Switch it up!! Get innovative instead of trying to win against the Als at their own game. Change the game plan. We stuck to a plan that obviously wasn't working. Changing the QB isn't going to work against the Als pass rush if you continue to call the same plays. They have allowed less than 200 points against them after 12 games. Hello! Earth to Marcel. Get innovative and use to your strengths. Cobb and Caulley can run like the wind after catches in the flats of a CFL field. It opens everything up and creates lanes and opportunities. Then maybe unprovens like Currie and James will get a little more room to make catches.

armchair wrote: " … It is more than obvious Montreal was more prepared than the Cats."

I also think it was a case of Montreal doing what they do best. Execute. It looked to me like Montreal was running a practice session of their favourite plays rather than showing concern for our defence.
Calvillo is so good at what he does and the offence always seems to have receivers wide open.
However…this is the first year of real re-building for us and it’s obvious we have a long way to go.
Montreal has been steadily improving over the years (except for Jim Popp’s tenure as HC) and Marc Trestman has one heck of a football mind.