where are the 2006 schedules!

i demand to see the 06 schedules im tired of waiting

.........you impetuous spoiled hafling.........off to your NES with you..........you'll have no chocolate truffles for that kind of behavior.........

"Demand" all you want, BB.....if the schedules aren't finalized and have yet to be made public, you won't be seeing them.....you've got no choice but to wait it out.....and a temper tantrum about it won't help you.....

And it will prob come out in April like last year

one thing is forsure...the eskimos first game is at home against the ti-cats.

they will draw a higher crowd because of the ring ceremony and maas is against ray.

Maybe it will be against Montreal in a GC rematch!

after the maas trade was made official, there was an article i posted, ( the one where the eskies gave maas a new contract b4 trading him )where machocia said; huey campell had requested the eskimos home opener be against the ti-cats....they want maas included in the ring ceremony and they want to play against him right away.

Real question is when the US sch will come out, I panatic last season when it came out so late.

I hope the esks play hamilton the first game of the season, it'd be real exciting and esks fans wouldn't have to wait until midway or later through the season to see ray vs. maas.

Either that or he should go back to his probable other past time: writing Melissa O'Neil "slash" (read: porn) fan fiction.

oops...double post.

i think the only thing that is delaying the schedule now, is the announcment of touchdown atlantic 2 from halifax...

they probably have to finish the details there, before they can announce the rest of the schedule.