Where are our seats?

Hello BC Fans,
I'm considering coming out for the Oct 6 game vs Stampeders but never having been to BC Place I have no idea what seats are good, okay or terrible...I understand the higher the price the better they are...but, how far away is that first balcony anyway? I'm only used to little ole McMahon...
Any advice would be appreciated (except if you tell me to stay home....)

If you want to sit behind the Visitor bench, or at least close to it I would sit in sec 13,14 or 15. Stay off the upper level, too high. I sit in sec 13, right on the isle between 13 and 14 which is about the 40 yrd line.

Here's a seating Chart


Thanks for the tips...I've seen the seating chart online but it doesn't give a good idea of just how big the stadium is. Buying tickets online is a pain as you have to pick whatever Ticketmaster offers. The best so far is 41L4 row KK...

....BC Place is an awesome place to watch a game no matter where you sit.....I attended the August BC/Edmonton tilt and we had seats in Level 4 row YY...no kidding, we needed sherpas to get beer for us....but the view was amazing!...you will have a blast and the BC fans are right into the game....have fun!.....

Avoid the east end corner visitor’s side (around section 19), the fans there seem more interested in everything else but the game, my view was blocked half the time by people going back-and-forth to either intake food/booze or drain it.

I've sat on the upper section before. Nothing wrong with them. If there is a bad seat, it would be the end zone with your back to the score board.

Have fun.

As one who works at BC Place, best seats for visitors are sec.9-17,on level 2.For home team(Lions)best seats are sec.38-48,again,on level 2.Really every seat on level 2 or 4 is excellent.Its all about the ambiance,just being there.Remember single letters A to Z are first,then double digits follow.Go Lions.

Yes, good advice from the guys who works there, and dont wait to long to get tickets. There were 36000 fans at the last games so the upper deck tickets start to get tough. I would ask for as low as you can get on the lower deck, even if that means the end zone facing the screen. It will be loud and proud and you will yearn for an indoor stadium. Oh, ya there are actual urinals here, not troughs like Mcmahon and Commonweath. Get your beers early, the lines are really long just before game and all the way through till mid-quarters. Sorry for rambling

Thanks for all the great info, we got seats in Sec 41 row DD...right across from our guys...they'll be able to see our Stamps flags....should be a good time!
Hey Lotus don't knock those troughs...they're part of the Prairie Irrigation System!!

...where are there troughs at McMahon?....I've always given back the rented beer in a bonafide urinal.....