where are our leaders?

Let's not blame the bad start all at the feet of the coaches.

This team has a lot of leaders. Some were here already, some were brought in during the offseason. I think it's time the team leaders step up and demand their team mates start playing up to their capabilites, give 110%, and enough of the selfish penalties.
If they are giving 110% already and are in over their heads, maybe changes have to be made.

Belli, Maas, Brooks, Cotton, Hitch.....step on the players who are letting their team mates down. :cowboy:

During the TSN telecast of the Winnipeg-Toronto game this afternoon, it was encouraging to see Ticat quarterback Jason Maas in attendance at the game on his day off to check out two of the Ticats’ East Division rivals. Although the season has not started out the way Ticat fans had hoped for, Jason Maas is to be credited for demonstrating team leadership and a strong work ethic during his tenure with the Ticats. Here’s hoping that the hard work translates into a winning result against Calgary next Friday evening.

I agree, But im sure he just enjoys watching football in his spare time. Cant believe people want Eakin playing.

yea I agree, lets trade Eakin for another defensive back. Maas is taking us where we want to go!

Effort has not been a problem.

Costly penalties have been,

even though colour commentator John Salavantis said on CHML radio,

that he has been at many player meetings and he has heard the coaches
repeatedly tell the players to stop committing costly penalties.

That hasn't stopped them.

Penalties that result from aggressive play which are marginal calls
are unfortunate because we want players to be aggressive.

Avoidable mental errors are the killers but....

even if the team leaders were equipped with microphones
and the players had headsets in their helmets

and the leaders had a list of platitudes
that are self-evident in particular situations

and they were instructed to shout the appropriate platitude
to each of the players on the field before each play

and demand in no uncertain terms
that their team-mates STOP screwing up

...that wouldn't solve things either.

We traded him to Edmonton
Edmonton Traded him to The Stamps..

Maas hasn't looked like much of a leader yet in Hamilton, and I'm completely surprised. Remember back in '04 and in the playoffs last year how he'd start yelling at players on the bench and on the field to get them motivated?

This is my point esk123.........these team leaders have to take charge.

Too many missed blocks, poor tackling, selfish penalties, (and I'm not talking about borderling aggressive calls), dropped passes etc. The O-line has looked very weak. Without the running game your play options are limited. The blocking on those hitch passes is not there. Edmonton runs that play last night....two great blocks from receivers and it turned into a big gain for them.

I'm saying the team leaders got to start to pull this team together. You don't have to point fingers, but if someone is not putting out his all, or being selfish, then someone should give him a subtle reminder. If that doesn't do then get in his face. :cowboy:
I think we're as talented as anybody in the league and could easily be 2 and 2, but we need to be mentally sharper. :cowboy:

For all people are saying about the coaches not instilling a "winning" attitude, the players have to be accountable to each other - IMO this is the most important thing as far as team building is concerned.

Will it help with the mental mistakes? I'm not so sure. But effort-wise it's key.

Face it
His Heart is Still in Edmonton.
He is Really here for one Reason $$$$
There is no Fire when there No Fire there is no heart.

Start Eakin...

I Think it won't belong to till we move him..
Maybe 2 season from now He Be Trade back Out west..

Quote from J.Clime , TSN panel of commentators.

'Take the reigns off of Jason Mass,he's a firey leader ,let him take charge of the offence and call his own game!"


Then We Could have Kept D Mac
Who would have been Better at Calling his Own Game..

I Don't Think Jason has Ever Call his Own Game.

D Mac Has
No one See the Field Like Danny Dose..

But then again Jason Maas isnt paralyzed from the waist down. :lol:

True ,Danny sees the field best,but for the sake of chemistry ,he had to go.

No he Just Dumps it off for 5 Yards when we need 15..

Or Maas just runs it, lets not forget he is leading the Ticats in rushing yards after 4 games.

What good is that ...
He going to Get Hurt..
Moving in the Pocket is fine.
I am fine under 5 yard Runs ..

After that.
running for over 5 The Linebackers & DB Will be looking for a Maas Burger...

The O line has got to step up and take charge in a game. If they don't, then nothing else works. Wayne Smith or George Hudson must step forward and lead this group. With Hack gone and Claridge's untimely passing, no one seems to be leading this unit.

Maas put some nice balls right on the money last game........the good teams make those receptions. We need him to take charge out there and fire these guys up.

Any teams that I have been associated with........the leaders on the team would call their own meetings and bring the players together. The feeling was that you never wanted to let your team mates down........you played for each other. :cowboy:

Maas has been seen yelling at players on the bench plenty of times, then they come out and throw a hitch pass or some other non aggresive call, which deflates any enthusiasm that Maas was able to muster up.

Joe is just a bad fit for Maas, it's like he's a race car driver who's forced to drive a Pinto. Maybe Eakin would perform better within the stucture of this system.

Last year I called for Danny to call his own plays...

Not exactly original ,by me ,but I really felt it.

This year Jacque Climie of TSN is calling for

"take the reins off of Jason Mass" Joe

:thup: :cowboy: