Where are our DLINEMAN ?

I am checking this site every day to see if we are bringing in any DLINEMAN candidates and maybe players with some CFL experience like Anwar Stewart .

Our DLINE was not that great last year …now with BAGGS and HICKMAN gone and only PEACH in to replece things don’t look very good and camp starts in about 1 week or so …scary

Anyone have any idea why Crable was let go ? He was a potential rush end ? Did he get some interest from another NFL team ?

What about Rose??? Did he not play well last season???

I keep checking for D line signings too, Gerbear. Obie and company must have some kind of plan...I hope...

Yeah Rose looked decent in the few games he played but he no guarantee nor is Peach for that matter
It is scary thin right now ..as last year I felt our pass rush was non existant but that was with Baggs and HICKMAN

now we have neither and not good looking prospects or vets to replace ..yikes ..

Since they Have Cortez, OBIE , CREEHAN , Joe Womack, Scott Mitchell I am hoping that they have a plan to announce some good looking DLINEMAN are coming to training camp with soem NFL exposure and some with CFL experince like am Anwar Stewart ..

Right now I am thinking of trying out for a spot it's that thin :slight_smile:

the OLINE also lacks Non Import quality and depth with Hage's injury and the loss of starter Rottier and departure of Wayne Smith and trade of Mark Dewitt ..

If they don't bring in players soon we are screwed in the trenches ...

When all else fails wait for other team's cuts...

Before Hickman was a household name, he was just another guy that was signed and invited to camp. The Cats have been able to find more than a few good pass rushers (does everyone not remember Khari Long, who had 10 sacks in 2009?) from guys no one had ever heard of before. Sure, the next Joe Montford or Grover Covington probably isn't on the squad, but the next Justin Hickman or Garrett McIntyre or Khari Long just might be.

As far as the o-line is concerned, look out for Pascal Baillargeon, who was a 2011 draft pick, to make some noise. They also brought in Tim O'Neill from Calgary to replace Rottier. Sure, they didn't bring in any well known names, but that doesn't mean these guys can't play.

Maybe the talent along the lines isn't filled with all stars, but it's not a bare cupboard either.

Not to be a Negative Nancy, but you can’t always find game-ready talent right before training camp.

Hickman , McIntyre and Long were nice exceptions, but our line could also end up the same way it did in 2008 (OB was GM then, too).


14 total sacks. One more than Hickman had by himself last season. Granted, I think people were expecting more of Nautyn McKay-Loescher, but the guys the team brought in at the start of training camp could not rush the passer, and the defense suffered as a result.

There’s nothing you can do about losing Hickman…but it would be nice to have a few more guys to compete for the job to make sure they get the best possible talent at the position, rather than wagering it all on a few guys. I don’t like to question the decisions of people who know infinitely more than me, but was it really necessary to cut Baggs and Crable at this stage? Couldn’t they have waited until they were more sure they could replace them? (though I suppose Crable could have been cut for reasons outside of his playing ability)

I’m sure the signings will come before June 3, but until they do, I think there’s good reason to be nervous about the D-line.

(as for the O-line, I think it’s better than it might seem. Once Hage is all healed up and Baillargeon gets comfortable playing in the pros I think they will be in good shape)

A partial answer?

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats-add-four-on-defence]http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats ... on-defence[/url]

Line strength on both sides of the ball is definitely a concern for the Cats this season (maybe THE concern, actually). It's hard to know how it will shake out. The lines could boom, or bust. On paper, it would seem reasonable to expect both lines to struggle a bit out the gate, particularly the offensive line. The D-line could be ineffective, or it could be just fine if another Hickman emerges from the pack of TC hopefuls. With the exception of running back, defensive lineman is IMO the position where raw athleticism is most vital, and where you can therefore legitimately expect a good player (a la Cam Wake) to come out of nowhere and dominate. O-line is trickier -- athleticism is a requirement for tackles, but how the group gels as a five-man unit is probably the most important thing. The gelling of an O-line doesn't happen overnight. Based on Obie's decision to cut Baggs and Cable, I'd assume he, Cortez, and Creehan all feel confident about the existing talent they have on the line.

hELLO disciplineandpunish ,

There is no way OBIE and CORTEZ feel good about the current DLINE …

BAGGS was let go because they paid him way to much …paying for the player he was …and then his productivity slipped dramtically …CRABLE …i have no answer for …maybe he felt he could hook up with another NFL team and told them if i can’t find one I will be back ? Or maybe her felt the league was to low paid or bush …
i doubt that OBIE and company did not like him …maybe he said he won’t play for less than a certain dollar value that was around what BAGGS was earning and they said bye …who knows

but right now they are in bad shape and they only signed one dlineman today who is a rookie out of a small college
They need to go get Anwar Stewart or get BAGGS back at a reduced rate something has to happen soon

Not going to pretend the situation isn't concerning, but TC hasn't even started. Let's hope some of the new faces impress, or at least, as Hfx said, Obie brings in some cuts from other teams...