Where are Fred's partners ? Where is the 100million $ Man?

Where is the big surprise ? Where are all those big spenders with the fancy drawings and free hosting web sites ? Hope Hamiltonians are going to call Fred up on that.

More "Pie in the sky" from today's Spec about condos near the west harbour site. These musings came from the same guy who bought the federal building at Main and Caroline and we all know how well that went. It is just another derelect building downtown. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Sorry for the double post.

Yes, condos on the harbour, just like Toronto did over the years. And driving the Gardiner, there is a great view of Toronto harbour, isnt there?

Cat's out of the bag , the city has no private partner identified other than the Ticats.

However a letter came in last night :roll:

Looks like the mayor will be making public a letter with no cheque attached to it to save face.

At least condos are tax generators and the increased density grows the city and provides economic activity every day of the year.

They vote WH, Bob is outta here and he has other plans as well as the CFL. They vote Confed Park, then the best site is chosen.

They really can't call Bob's bluff at this point, it's all there. Nice. :thup:

It's basically over except the details.

Of course there is a backup plan in place, as any business should but he's not about to cause more harm than there already has been to the fan base they have to play in Hamilton till the end of 2011.

Councilor Bob Bratina is asking these questions now.

The guy's name wouldn't happen to be Darko Vranich would it?..........(I never saw the article)



Great ! The bosnian slum lord is going to spend 100 million :lol:

Tragic comedy...

thank you

does Darko Vranich still own all the stripper bars from Mississauga to Niagara Falls?

What's the Coles Notes on this guy? Bratina seems to think he's a white knight.

Speculator. Pretty much all that is wrong with the North American economy. Parasitic investors waiting to piggy back on otheer peoples investments. If he’s prepared to put 100 million in luxury condos and according to Fred will generate 3 to 5 million dollars in taxes a year. Why does Fred need the Hostco money to clean and prep the area ?

Shady, shady…

Is, or was, huge in the Stripper Bar business ..........

Brattina is a slimeball. He is good friends with Vranich and he's willing to sell the Cat's down the river for some fairy tale dream. He comes on chml like he really cares about the city but he's willing to stab the Cats in the back for a shady character like Vranich? This smells more toxic than the crap in the ground down there. :cowboy:

Hay Deer Hunter dose he own Soild Gold Too?

maybe is not that bad…lol