Where are Chris Schultz and Steve Milton?

I know there was a thread earlier in the year asking about Chris Schultz but haven't seen anything concerning this in a while, and haven't seen Chris on TSN for weeks.

Also, last week it was announced that TSN Radio is switching their drive home show from "Marsh and Milton" to "Tatti and Marsh". Haven't seen an article in the Spectator from Steve either. Hoping just on vacation and he'll continue on air with TSN 1150 Hamilton with another timeslot.

Anyone know either situation?

Milton has been spotted.


Fairly Certain with Schultz being TSN,s NFL Insider hes down south ATM in prep for the upcoming NFL season.

The Shultz thing is bizarre. You know, when I think about it, I can't recall seeing him after he made the comments defending Henry Burris after Burris's rant about "the TSN panel." Maybe he got tired of being the only one who actually did some research prior to the games and took a reasoned approach with his comments.

And the Purolator sack thing ads seem to have disappeared, or at least is greatly diminished, as well. You'd think if Chris is still around he would at least be appearing in the Purolator ads? Obviously, from the Labour Day game, Purolator is still doing the food bank drives. Weird?

When someone is fired from a network or TV station the station does not make any announcements or commennts and the other on-air people will not comment either.
If he had medical issues the other panel members would send him best wishes or if he was on the NFL assignment they would make a comment about it.
Which makes me think that he has been fired/let go or a leave of absence for personal reasons.

I believe it has to do with Schultz being one of the main people for TSN on the NFL reporting and the upcoming NFL season? I haven't heard any other information regarding his time with the CFL panel.

The NFL thing is bull…He hasn’t been on the panel for months. After his father died, I think i saw him one time. Nothing since.

If Schultz is involved with the NFL for TSN he should be making his weekly NFL predictions seeing that the first game is Thursday.

Schultz is still showing as "talent" on TSN's website, which makes me think he is still employed by the network.


I noticed that as well, though it doesn't guarantee anything. The piece of the puzzle I find most interesting is the lack of "Tackle Hunger" TV promos, though that could just be a business issue between TSN and Purolator.

I have a gut feeling that Schultz is sick. I was thinking this after a few games of him not being on the panel. He seemed to be the one who never missed any games over the years.
Maybe he doesn't want anyone knowing about it and that's why it hasn't been mentioned.

I think its those stupid skits they do on the panel just before half time. Schutlz said "Im outta here until you stop wanting us to make fools of ourselves"

But if he is ill, I hope the best for him.

Apparently Schultz has been doing NFL stuff for ESPN.

Like what? I was looking at the ESPN NFL website and nothing with Schultz in it and his name doesn’t come up on any search of their coverage people. The TSN NFL coverage is all done by Jesse Palmer.


Have not seen him on any espn program

From Kirk Penton's weekly postmedia column CFL Blitz:
"For those wondering about the whereabouts of TSN panelist Chris Schultz, the network informs The Blitz he's taking some personal time and should be back around Thanksgiving."

Sounds like the best possible scenario out of the alternatives, when a guy goes MIA mid-season. Hope the time off is helpful for him.

He's back ??

Yeah, I missed the pre-game, did anyone say anything about his absence?

No, they just welcomed him back and Matty took pictures of him.