Where are changes needed?

Where are changes needed?

The only person safe on this teams the waterboy

This might be an easier question…

It is a more systemic overhaul that is required, IMHO -- a combination of things. It is front office, coaching (at least re defensive coordination), and personnel (especially in the...wait for it...SECONDARY!)...not blowing up the roster necessarily, but having to find guys who can tackle, line up correctly, and not go offside three plays in a row!

I would like to have the rest of the season to see how much of the on-field rot needs to be plowed under.

Oski Wee Wee,


A very well stated post (except I’d add a pass rush to the secondary needs.)


I think they need to leave town and go out on the road for a year, then come back to Hamilton the following year as a (hopefully ) better team.

Such a sad way to end the Ivor Wynne Stadium era...not with a bang, but with a whimper (sorry, TS Elliott, I couldnt resist)

Congi would be safe in my book. Apart from that, everything else should be on the table from Obie on down to most of the players. Obie for his lousy evaluation and recruiting of players. The coaching staff for obvious shortcomings. Most of the players---they've shown that they aren't good enough to win. I'd say maybe, ten guys would be sure-bet keepers. The rest are disposable.

These guys are so dumd, the penalties they took alone made a win almost impossible.

An Argo-Cat fan

Lack of disciplne and having a true desire to win. I have watched all home games sitting 13 rows above the team bench. I can say there is no chemistry between players and coaches. Just a bunch of individuals standing on the side lines without any true idea of waht the big plan is. One thing that I noticed late in the Edmonton game.......the Box J fans were cheering the defense, Burris and Fantuz looked at the fans and Burris made a gesture to one of the fans that he had been drinking too much or something to that effect. I get the funny feeling Fantuz and Burris beleive they are above all this and are not committed to winning. Just a though that comes to mind becuase I have watched some pretty horrible teams and some great teams from Box J and I don't beleive there is any team spirit or committment from most of the players. I get the feeling no one has bought on to George Cotez and his football world of thinking. Someone on this team needs to step up and show some leadership .......................

How about a MLB? The Ti-Cats currently don’t have one. They have somebody who occupies that spot on the depth chart but he’s not a MLB. He can’t shed blocks and is far too easy to shove out of the way. On one running play last night, a Winnipeg OL simply swept him aside with one arm. Then he goes into pursuit mode to try to get back into the play. Trouble is, when your MLB is pursuing the ball carrier, the damage has already been done.
Williams runs all over the field but accomplishes very little. It’s too late to make a change this season, but I’ll be floored if he is the starting MLB next year.

They can't stop the run. They can't stop the pass.Other than that, the defence is pretty good. To quote Mike Singletary, "You can't win with these guys"! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy getting tired of this story)

He won't be, Williams will be gone after this year, as will likely Burris unless he can shift to being a back up and take a pay cut, most of the DBs, most of the Dline and some of the assistant coaches. They will try to eke out a playoff spot with likely what they have, as they have proved that on any given day, the offence can lay up the points, and if the Defence can get lucky on a game or two, they can make a run. At the end of the year, big changes take place and the re-build takes place while they are on the road in 2013. It actually makes sense, in that a rebuild will have it's challenges but it will not impact on crowds because there are no home games, so you can really do a good job fixing the team without as much undue pressure.

The goal will be to have a rebuilt strong team for the seaon with the new stadium, and a one year re-build is clearly workable. I would not be surprised if this is the master plan. In other words, go for it this year with the old vets and then start anew for next year.

The fly in the ointment is whether you feel comfortable in Cortez being the mastermind in the re shaping of this team. Until last night, I felt he was the best choice for the job, today, I am no so sure. Granted, if he hires an OC perhaps he can command the on field game better, but I am starting ot have some doubts as to whether he has regained the grasp of the CFL game after his sojourn in the NFL. It may be that this year is the re-introduction to the CFL game and it can only get better, in that no matter how disappointed we are in Cortez this year, his body of work, resume, experience etc shows that he is an exceptional football mind, and certainly has the capability to adapt back to the CFL game. I am betting he does so but I certainly did not expect the adapting pains we have suffered through this year.

8) Or a simple explanation could be that Cortez is just not cut out to be a Head Coach.
   Why did it take him this long in his lengthly career to finally secure a HC job ??
    He did  have several HC job interviews over those years, but to no avail !!  Why ??  Did the teams that did interview 
    him spot something they didn't like ??

     Not all good coordinators make good Head Coaches
     Prime examples who got HC jobs, only to be fired are, Don Sutherin, Rich Stubler, Greg Marshall and Paul LaPolice.

Valid point. In other words, does Cortez possess the necessary INTANGIBLES to be a successful head coach at this level? A previous poster mentions his football resume, his lengthy experience, etc… those are the tangibles. But is he a leader? Does he inspire players to give their best because they believe he can lead them to success? Is he seen by the players to be in charge and is he able to earn and command their respect? In other words, will they play for this guy?
Or, do the players see the head coach as someone who is wasting their hard work and efforts because of bad game day decisions and poor use of personnel?
Being a successful head coach requires a different dimension from being a successful coordinator as shown by the examples already cited. There’s a lot more to head coaching than just being a good “Xs and Os guy”.

Bottom line front office, how do you reward coaching last year and the year before marcel reaching .500 and the playoffs , instead of building on this fire every body and start from scratch , coaching well another blunder they went form a players coach to a hardass like Cortez and I tell you the players look like they hate this arrogant drill Sargent . NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE THIS WEEK that's just the way it is get used to it sub 500 it's all good in steel town Bob Youngs 10+ year plan :oops:

I really think that Cortez needs to hire a Offensive Co-ordinator this off-season. With being Head Coach, OC, and Dir. of Player Personnel, I think he has too much on-the-go. Heck - for all intents and purposes, he might as well be GM as well. Mitchell has the power to re-jig his contract (I hope), so that he can focus on coaching the team, not managing so much of it. Any body have any good ideas for an OC with CFL experience? I can - Paul LaPolice (I know I'm gonna get flack for that). The Bummers season was not his fault, but he has LOT of CFL experience, and had matured as a coach.