Where are all the TiCat Trolls? LOL

lol if you remem we came in because some1 posted a thread already going on and on about how garbage we are and laughing at the fans. Self defense bro, you leave us alone, we leave you alone.

oh? you went to the game???? :roll:

sounded pretty good to me against one of the better front fours in the league actually

It'll be interesting to see what the trolls have to say today, now that they can't hide behind the 'it's only preseason' argument...if they even show up... :lol:

…I don’t know if the Argos were that good …orrrrr the Cats were that bad…IF the Cats ‘so-called’ improvement is what we saw yesterday…then i’d say they need as much work as we do…maybe more…Gauthier looked like a turnstile…glad he’s not with us anymore…and Goodspeed didn’t exactly ‘light-it up’…on the other hand Picard looked fair- to middlin.for T.O…Could that have been the battle of the basement;;;;;Guess we’ll find out tonight… :wink: :roll:

The Ticats didn’t have an answer for anything the Argos did. Run defence was brutal!

Bruce’s celebration aside, ya gotta like the new attitude of the Argos. They came out and pushed the Ticats around for most of the game.

...Greg Marshalls defence looked the same....play off the receiver 10 yds. and watch them run.....The Cats have no running attack....and their 'd' up-front is very suspect.....I.m sure they'd like to borrow ours for a game or two....but then ...according to a couple of guys who come on here...they have it over us...lol...One guy in particular ..on-in-two....should re-name himself....out-in-two.. :lol: I hope we show better against the schmoes than the Cas did yesterday against the Argos..........win or lose... :rockin:GoBigBlue

Hmmm...no 'out in two', no 'cheesecutter11' awful strange...they had lots to say before...

oh well...cue the crickets... :wink:

Gotta love it, it's the real deal and the Ti Cat fans have no right to make excuses, they are a horrible team once again and last night proved it, basement dwellers get ready for another bumpy ride ALL YEAR. I have to say when they came on here and started bashing our team, our QB, our OLINE and our DEFENSE, i kept it cool as uncertainty was creeping in my head. BUT after watching Porter and The OLINE (with our scraps Goodspeed and Gauthier) crapped the bed BIG TIME (7 Sacks says it all) and the defense with another one of our scraps (Mr.Marshall who's scheme to play 10 yards off the player is still in effect) didn't look much better either. Is there a positive from last night Cat Fans, Absolutely Not!! You lose to the Argo's on Home Turf, not just lose but the Cats just completely stunk. This makes me feel alot better now, especially if we lose to Edmonton tonight, which i may add is a far superior team than the Argo's and we don't have the luxury of being on home Turf, also we are expected to lose, i KNOW that we cannot be as horrible as the Cats were last night and i will say it now, we will come and play our A$$es off Win or Lose, we have bragging rights so far over the Cat Fans.

I am sure if we lose they will be trolling around on here knocking our team again, only reason is they have nothing better to do and there is nothing positive going on over on there forum. By the way, not one BB fan posted anything about the Cats on the Ti-Cat Forum, so don't come on here cause your team sux once again and knock our team and if you do it will just show how you have no class and shame. We have class, we don't need to run around and open our mouths on your forum just to make ourselves feel better. By the way i did read your forum, nice excuses going on over there, tell yourselves that it's only one game with a rookie head coach and a ton of new player's. The funniest one over on your forum is "It wasn't That Bad" I got a real good laugh outta that one, i am just glad some Ti-Cat fans had the class to admit that it was HORRIBLE, EMBARRESSING and ANOTHER LAST PLACE FINISH IS COMING, at least they accept the fact that the Cats got HAMMERED BY T.O (who are supposed to be as worse) from what i saw last night (T.O has more talent and could be a threat, MTL showed me that they are still Elite in the East) so it comes down to BB'S and T.O scrapping it out for second and/or third with a crossover team which i predict will be the Riders or Leo's, watch and learn boys in Hamilton how Football is to be played and what REAL competition is all about!!!

I havnt doubted the bombers, just look at our roster, we're pretty stacked... but i did at least think the cats were going to be improved, nothing to worry about, but improved.

I love how you guys constantly ride our asses and don't focus on your own team. Just love it. And FYI, I don't use cheesegod11 anymore. Get a life and stop busting our balls all the time and we won't be on here to bother you. I don't mind the Ticats losing, it's just the pathetic low lifes that ride you about it afterwards that piss me off.

Oh Wah! Grow some thicker skin Cheesey...

Think if we lose tonight all you trolls won't come slinking back around here...?

Gimme a break

.....RIDE YOUR ASSES.....I would say so , when you come on to our forum with some of the crap you guys have been spewing....Ya come on here with insults....be prepared for a dressing-down...READ....this is the Bomber site ...not Ti-cat site....I have never gone to your turf and ...1. Insulted your coach.....2. Made ridiculous claims....like, the Bombers will be in the basement orrrrr some of your favourite garbage....Wow imagine letting Gauthier go...he's a star (didn't look like one to me last night...more like a pylon..).....So in the words of your pal Paullywood....You come on here with crapolla....expect to get your balls busted... :wink:FYI...

You may not have personally done this, but all off-season and pre-season we've had bomber fans riding us on our forums. Then we do a little retaliation on your forums and ever since then, after every single game Bomber fans make a thread trying to trash the team and the fans. I don't mind constructive criticism at all, but the way you guys are criticising is both wrong and uncalled for. There is no need to pick at Ticat fans after every game, there is no need to pick at the team itself, and I don't get how it even relates to you when it wasn't you we were facing in the first place. Like I said, criticism is welcome, but there's a difference between CFL knowledge and offending people. Keep it clean, hopefully this Bomber fan-Cat fan troll war can end soon. :roll:

last time i checked, onintwo has been on here all offseason and bugging us about how the ticats were going to romp us, get off your high horse and stick to your own forum if you dont like a little jabbing back and forth...

what did you expect us to say? ticats were going to walk all over our team? honestly, onintwo is the only reason we ever even started with this, so go cry about it to him

fINE, AS LONG AS i UNDERSTAND YOUR JUST SHOOTING HIM, BECAUSE WE DON'T LIKE him on our forums either. Sorry forgot caps was on :stuck_out_tongue:

the only reason i shoot at the cats is because of on in two... i personally hope for a play off appearance for the respectable fans such as yourself