Where are all the TiCat Trolls? LOL

Oh yeah crying themselves to sleep after the Cats got pushed around by a horrible Argo Team, guess they finally realized that there team is still garbage!!

oh...I'm sure they'll be around soon...tell us how we shouldn't be talking about how they lost again in the preseason, but rather, just how bad they looked on the field... :lol:

I know, Otis Floyd looked terrible picking off Kerry Joseph and returning it 97 yards for the TD. If your any smart at all or even watched the game, the argo's won it late in the game when it was 2nd and 3rd stringers vs 2nd and 3rd stringers. We had it tied when it was starters vs. starters. If anything, this proves there are cuts to be made among the second and 3rd stringers, and it should be pretty evident. Nice loss to Montreal btw :thup:

we already knew the Als were a very good team though.... and there were a lot of positives out of that game going against a legit contender...

Im pulling for the ticats this season, hoping they get their act together and make it to the post season and knock off the argos, you fans definately deserve it for the way youve stood by your team over the years and have really earned my respect.

The way i see it so far,


I hope the Ticats do well also, but the upcoming season will tell just how much of an improvement we've made, and what holes we need to fix now if any. Right now I can easily expect 8 wins from them, but it wouldn't be the first time they've disappointed us. I've gotta say though, locker room chemistry came pretty quick between these guys, and they all seem to respect coach Beullfille, so that's a plus.

Wow...tied starters vs starters with the team pretty much every has pegged to be worst in the league...GOOD JOB!


HOLD ON A MINUTE BUDDY. Otis Floyd did NOT pick off KJ. KJ fell, ON HIS OWN, while back peddling in the pocket and fumbled the ball before he was even touched, and Otis Floyd picked up the gift-wraped fumble and ran it back.

OH wow … Joseph slips, and the ball pops up, Floyd grabs it and runs 97 yards, ONE problem, no one was there to tackle him, it was Josephs error, my Grandmother coulda ran that 97 yards with no one to tackle him. If that was the highlight of the night, that is pretty pathetic.

Oh yeah Porter and Glenn sucked again, nice INT Porter, the guy can’t throw to the sidelines. How is it that Cody Pickett (T.O’S 3RD Stringer) goes 13-16 with a TD even though he had 3RD String Recievers on the field, who cares if your 2ND stringers were on the field, shows how much depth the Cats have :roll:

You lost by 10 points to a team that is supposed to be as bad or worse than the Cats, and our loss to MTL by four points (MTL is a threat by the way) showed that the Bombers can hang in there with the best, and alot of positives came out of this game for us. Face it man Cats have no Depth at any position, Porter is not your saviour, Glenn is well Glenn (sucking as usual) and your defense is horrible. Hate to say it but as i see it … your team has not improved as much as you think or say it has.


I'd like to see the Ticats get off to a quicker start, and I think their O-Line needs to be more consistent, and their D-Line needs to put more pressure on QB's, but the Ticats were not manhandled by the Argos. In fact, if Hamilton didn't take 400 penalties, the Argos may never have been in this one.

On the other hand, LeFors looked quite below average against Montreal, and your O-Line (which may now also be without LaBatte, who got hurt last night) looked downright awful in pass protection. The lone highlight for the Bombers was the play of that rook RB, who looks great.

The 'Cats took a pile of penalties in the first game too. Better get that fixed, or it won't matter how much talent you have.

If Porter sucked, then how did Lefors play? Real nice stats, 9-21 with a pick six, which btw you can see on sportsnet connected. Yur saviour has looked very mediocre at best.

I think you need to be more concerned that both your top two qbs threw for ZERO tds in two games...

I've no concerns over Lefors' play last night...especially after watching Porter and Glenn...makes me thankful, even...

Kubie, your tune will change when the real bullets start to fly.

This is going to be one heck of a playoff race folks, the Riders & Lions have fallen back while the Bombers, Argos & Ticats are all creeping up, those 5 teams will be neck and neck down to the wire for the playoffs. Book it.

considering that we usually win both pre-season games, you can see how meaningless a pre-season record is.

everyone’s quick to bust the ticats balls, maybe cuz the bombers lost so they lost their bragging rights? really people get a life. ever single forum is picking on ticats and ticat fans. :thdn:

Love how Bomber fans pick on Ticat fans while they're at a high point. Just remember, 1 bomber loss and 1 ticat win and we can be on your backs at the drop of a hat, just like you do with us all the time. Would LOVE to see the bomber fans get knocked down a peg (no pun intended) with a losing season, make them realise that they aren't the best the CFL has to offer and maybe get them off our backs for a little while.

.....LOSING SEASON.....sorry no can do........I believe you're right about the Cats being picked for 'improvement'....geez i'm even on that bandwagon.... I don't want to see a repeat of the embarrassing record that's been put up in the hammer for the last few years...I think the Cats are garnering the 'sympathy' vote...Hopefully you'll be more competitve....Don't expect us to be anything but a tough opponnent.....better have your A game going on when we lock horns... :wink: :thup: :rockin:

Sigh...you should probably remember that you trolls came into the Bomber forum...I haven't posted anything in the Cats forum. If y'all weren't so high and mighty spoutin' off how it's only preseason and we're shouldn't enjoy a victory, well, then, I'd have no one to pick on...