Where are all the small bussiness people that are proud supp

I am AMAZED at all the small bussinesses in this city of ours that are PROUD TICAT SUPPORTERS What will yous do if the cats do leave yes im calling yous out
And you guys should be writing your great city staff to let them know about the extra bussiness you guys get on game days from the fans that frequent your establishments before and after games. Or what you just gonna wait till its to late then all sit around and stare at old memorabilla and say they were good times.
And while your at it maybe throw a lil support to MR Young he might just need a lil shot in the arm after all the kicks to the groin hes received

Just like you and I, they are. We all are. 1000's of comments and radio show calls. Regular people own these places and I am sure they are concerned as much as we all are.

well then they shouldnt be sitting back on there hands they got a voice so they should use it