Where are all the Renegade fans?

Common guys! Where are ya? Couldn't let you guys be the only team without a topic! :frowning:

I hope you guys get new ownership, otherwise you will have no fans... eventually. Take a lesson from the eary 90's lion years when we had bad ownership. I am not trying to be negative but there have been some unhappy Ottawa posters about your teams direction.

Here. I hate how everyone focus on what's wrong with the 'Gades. Why not focus on the good things? This season will be better and we'll make the playoffs.

the gades are like my second or third favourite team

I am here a renegades fan. I just started watching the cfl last year after getting into the nfl a few years back. I think joseph has a CANNON for an arm and the running game is solid. I thought they were set to have an awesome year after they started 2-0, but we all saw what happened. This year should be better

It’s hard to be optimistic about the Gades with all the ownership, management and personnel problems they’ve had. Gauthier was supposed to be their lineman of the future and he jumps out west after Ottawa does the gruntwork grooming him. Marlborough and Wiltshire, two of their best defensive players, are gone. The Ed Hervey fiasco was an embarrassing stain on the organization. The people they’ve signed are all right but not marquee material. And I’m less and less sure Paopao should be doubling as offensive coordinator after last year. He needs to call more plays than just the shovel pass, the direct snap and the static out patterns. How about some slants, Joe? Get the ball to Woodcock and Armstead and maybe the Gades will make the playoffs. But my feeling is they’ll tank again, Paopao will get fired, and Marshall will take over as head coach. If that happens, and if they get ownership that’s actually willing to spend money, then the Gades can be a contender.

The gades are already better off than they were last year. Getting Crance Clemons back in the secondary, signing Coleman, upgrading the whole defensive line with ex Lions and getting Kai Ellis back in at Linebacker have improved the talent. Yes we lost Whiltshire and Marlborough but they were replaced with players that I feel will be better given the chance. OH YA dont forget about getting Marshall to run the Defence. This is a huge improvement. On offense just having a healthy Joseph makes the team and especially Josh Ranek better. Bringing Yo Murphy back alongside Armstead with a year of playing under his belt and using a healthy Woodcock can only mean a better year for the Gades. The offensive line cant be worse than it was last year that just isnt possible and the kicking game well lets just say bringing in anyone with a heartbeat has got to be better than that pathetic display from last year. I see great things on field and the Gades making the playoffs this year. The off field stuff is annoying to us season ticket holders but the on field product is going in the right direction. I hope that Joes succeeds this year moves up and stays as GM and lets Marshall be head coach. Owners well lets just keep the whining out of the papers and either put up or sell. The CFL is on the way up and can be profitable if the right deals are in place.

I managed to get my girlfriend into football last year. We both have loads of fun at the games. Despite the off-field garbage, I know the team will perform better. Now if we can only get ourselves a billionaire owner with a big heart.

the gades need receivers to compliment one of the best QBs in the league, o yeah...and i defense

man i love Josh Ranek... and i agree that you guys could use some more recievers and mabe a bigger name deffencive player... u have the makings of a top offence

man i love Josh Ranek... and i agree that you guys could use some more recievers and mabe a bigger name deffencive player... u have the makings of a top offence