Where are all the "Reds,Whites, et al" visiters to

Where are all the “Reds, Whites, et al” visiters to our site?

I thought they were prolific regulars not that I miss them though, but Jeremy and Chris W. might!

Cheers. :roll:

ya I like winning arguements with them.

..........fat chance, you crash and burn on a regular basis...........

kinda like what the stamps are gonna be doing all year with Burris at the controls.

so true... :stuck_out_tongue:

i was jk rider fans... :wink:

Ha ha ha you beat a rebuilding Winnipeg team and your grey cup bound what a bunch of door knobs. ha ha ha ha

So true. redandwhite2005…you know that makes you cry. :stuck_out_tongue:

--Haha MAN you guys just dont stop!! It's seriously at the point of being just ridiculous now with the Burris thing, even a Riders fan on the free site mentioned that over the weekend. Let it GO!!! If Nealon is SUCH an improvement over Burris, then why do you even care anyways?? Be happy you guys let go of "such a bum".

Though I don't see how going 13/28 against HAMILTON is reason to proclaim Nealon superior. We'll see how he does against a real D this week, before I make an accurate assesment of his talent. And give Burris and the Stamps time. Yeah I know Burris will always have the brainfarts, he's famous for it(basically the CFL's version of Aaron Brooks). But he's also a great athlete who can put up big numbers, and you guys know it. Keep in mind that was only week one.

I mean the Riders fans of all people should know not to judge your team after only one week. Remember the whuppin the Stamps gave you guys last year on opening day in Regina? I remember hearin my Rider fan buddies telling me "It's too early, it's too early" then... 8)

interesting that the Rider section has the most posts and threads

…yeah, why hang around our home when we can sit around here making a mess of yours… :slight_smile:

Just remember that if you leave a mess that you should also leave some beer to ease the pain of having to clean up after you guys.

........done, dozen Pil on the way...........

I think Calgary should rename Burris, so people stop complaining?? :? maybe people will get confused and think, where has Burris gone? Ah well no more complaining! :lol:

--I thought we came to a pease agreement(you guys said you'd stop trashing Burris until Calgary and Sask meet). So what's the point in hanging around and just TALKING to you guys? :wink:

--haha peaCe, not pease

Stampers7...... Why quote me? My post was June 26......I haven't posted a word about it since........I'm done with this thread.......I hope it dies a painless death.

Peace be with you! :mrgreen:

--Guess I didnt look at the date