Where are all the real Ticats Fans ??

be cuz they don't visit this forum anymore ............?????????????.. the only ones that visit now are the negative people and the trolls !!!!!! !!!

Hi "tc23"
Please don't paint everyone with the same brush.
I don't post much but I am on here multiple times a day 7 days a week. I always get excited before every game no matter how poorly they played the week before.
I agree with you that there are a lot of negative comment's on here (some might even be mine) but I try to ignore them and focus on the positive.

Anyone who takes the time to come on this forum and talk about the team is a fan. There just aren't many positives to talk about.

Sorry not everyone, just 97% of them :wink:

The true Ticats are here . There are the ones that give a Sh*t otherwise they would nit be wasting their time on here .
The ones that are not the real fans are the ones that just give up on them or turn the tv off or leave early.
the people on this site are the ones that go to practices , stay till the end of the gam , don't miss a a game and speak their minds negative or positive so as to improve the team
If they are being negative and angry it is because they care enough to be angry .

Us fans have faced countless losing seasons and dissapointments and we are still here following the team and rooting for them .

Try listening to jays talk after a jays game and there is alot of negativiy these days ...why ? because they care and are real fans .

I agree it is not great to be negative in life but none of us want to be patting these guys on the back and telling them it's ok as long as you try and we love ya ....we expect he best and hope for the best We all we actually do love them and we show it by going to each game and cheertng for them ..

In closing , if the negativity comes with constructive ideas to improve thimgs then i am ok with it . kind of like a father that is behind his son no matter what and he can get amd but he will always be there

If this team were winning this site would have a different tune..the emotion goes back anfd fourth .

If you don't believe me just ask any ticats player about this . Ask him about his favroite team and how he feels when they lose and disappoint them and lose to hated riavls etc ...Ask himn how h'ed like his fans to react when the ticats suck the joint out ?

This is the most negative thread I've seen all week. It's one thing to complain about the players, bout now you're turning on your fellow fans and bashing them :frowning:

I'm mostly just kidding. Trust me, I'll be all amped up for the game when the time comes, but it keeps getting harder and harder to find reasons to with this team. Love them to death, but boy do they know how to hit you where it hurts.

Ti-Cat's fan's slogan
"Suckers for punishment"

This is pretty much bang on.

We always come back thirsty for more.

tc23: The "real fans" are here...and many have been here for a long time.
"Real fans" are not afraid to point out what's wrong with this team as well as what's right. They are also not afraid to show their disappointment....and move on when the team gets rid of coaches and players in the quest for a Grey Cup-calibre team.
Football is real stuff. The good the bad and the ugly. Bob is not always happy with what he sees on the field and occasionally mentions that. For the players, life on the team is not like the Walton's. They have their ups and downs. It should not be any different for the fans. Happy talk has it's place but not when a team is losing and informed fans (like we have on this forum) have some constructive points to make.
We ALL want the same thing....a winning team. :thup:

I AM a REAL, life-long and long-life, Ticats' fan and I am here, reading if not participating, almost every day of, not just the season, but the entire year. Allow me to apologize, tc23, for not always submitting pleasant posts on how great I think the many recent seasons have been and how, after a wonderful start to another season, I'm so very positive that 2013 is going to be a wonderful year for the Tiger-Cats and their fans. And by the way, as a visitor to this forum today, which are you?

I should clarify that I try to ignore the negative comments that are aimed at other posters not the constructive criticism of the team.

Couldn't have said it better.

Apathy is the worst thing that could happen to the ticat organization right now.

If you're angry ,that's a good thing but remember, it's only entertainment. :slight_smile:

Through good and bad, "apathy" has never been a problem in Tigertown. :wink:

But "If you're angry ,that's a good thing..." is just wrong. Anger is never a good thing. It shortens your life and makes the lives of those around you less worth living. Naïve optimism may leave you open to criticism but you'll live a longer and happier life, as will those you care about.

I agree with Bob on this.

People may well have a right to be angry, but having a right to feel or do something doesn't mean it's wise to exercise it.

It's football, it's a game, it's supposed to be fun.

Buddy I have been posting here since the very beginning my count is not that high as I don't provide play by play coverage on game days :roll: :lol: to insinuate that we are not the " real Fans " that can't voice our opinion Wake up and smell the Tim's Coffee what do we have to be positive about other than we finally have I think the best coach in years that's In Austin and a brand new stadium that's it the onfield product is in major REBUILD mode yet Again :cowboy:

The only positives I can post on this site are how well the others teams played against the Cats. For the life of me I cannot figure out why they are so good when they play us.

Through thick and thin I have been a Ticat fan, Cleveland Browns fan, Chicago Blackhawks fan and Baltimore Oriole fan. Anyone who knows me knows I never have given up on any of my teams. I don't get angry I just enjoy whether we win or lose. It is easy to follow winning teams (I follow one now). Hanging in there with the team is sometimes tough because people laugh at your decision to stick with them. I don't post often and have avoided the forums at times because of the negativity. Now I just skip over those posts. I understand where the OP is coming from talking about those who are negative. Bob is right about not getting angry. There are many more things in life that can do that to you. Negative posters can do as they wish. I know that I will continue to be a fan through the good and bad times. Check and see how long the TO team went without winning a grey cup in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. then there are the long suffering Leaf fans who hang in there with their team. To close Go Cats Go and cheer at the right times!

Well said, Neuman, You obviously get it :thup: :thup: