Where are all the Lions supporters??????????????????????????


Gosh, lots of talk and strut when your winning.
Where are the loyal Leos now??????
Not a one on the website tonight--lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule
Leos Drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy: :wink: :lol: :smiley:

I would have been shocked if they had won this one with their 3rd string QB in there.

I just posted in one of your other threads.You sir are a troll. Leos are still #1 in the league, check the standings. Until or if that changes I'll say the lions are the team to beat this year as is proven by how excited you get over beating them. A win is a win and you should be pleased about it, but to gloat like a moron after beating a depleted team is pretty pitiful. I guess thats not suprising considering the source.

Hey Turkey, whats #2 like loser?

I don't know how "suprising" it is--the Riders have more players on the injured list than the Lions, so how does it feel to lose to a "depleted" team"?
And as for #2, the Riders and Lions are actually in a defacto tie, which will be resolved in the 3rd meeting between the two.
Or to simplify, if the Riders and Lions have identical records for the rest of the season, except the Riders beat the Leos in the rubber match, the Riders will finish ahead of the Leos.

Considering Turkey always has his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, what is your excuse?

It's quantity vs. quality. Sask. may have a larger number of injured players, but are the players as vital to the team's success as the Lions'? Dickenson, Pierce, Banks, Floyd, Simmons, Clovis all are integral parts of the Lions. I don't think there's an argument about which team's injuries are more impacting.

Riders played well last night and deserved to win. Lions are still ahead of the Riders in the standings and Riders still have to prove they can get past the West Final before they have bragging rights.

Riders are a good team and can lay claim to handing the Lions their first loss of the season.

...it is unreasonable to think that Vancouver-based CFL.ca people will rush to their home computers just to verbally spar with you turkey after a game that ends at 10:30pm....maybe in Regina you can get home after the game in 10 minutes or so, not so in Vancouver....

It's also unreasonable to think many BC fans would even bother replying.

Your right you see turkebend on the post and why would you reply. Mr Tongue N Cheek turkeynuts!

I find it funny because when the riders got blown out turkey flew the coop! No where to be found just like three days before thanksgiving day!

Some lions fans can’t take the loss. Making excuses. They lost.Get over it. 5-1 not’s so bad. There a very few of our fans who make excuses. And injuries are apart of football. The other team is going to take advantage of it. Just the way it is.

ya true :stuck_out_tongue: only come on when they win :roll: ok ok i see a couple of you :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Red, got to our accomodations just after midnight.

Yeah, the Rider Offense executed better than our offense. I think Wally did the right thing resting Buck Pierce. Pierce was up and throwing, but I think the wise decision was to let him sit without aggravating the turf toe.

Defense, I thought both defenses played well. Riders offense out performed BC's. Congrats on the win. Turkey, still haven't seen your "float" pictures yet!

I said it before, I will say it again

Sask-WPG cup.....sigh.

Bite your tongue FYB!

I would if it would help.

What will happen is on Nov 4 is the Riders will need a win against Toronto to clinch second place.(And their first play off game in how many years) Two days before the game, Turkeybend will test drive his Grey Cup float and run over Fred Perry and Kerry Joseph while they are have coffee at Tim Hortons. Saskatchewan will lose the game and then lose in the Western Semi Final IN CALGARY! :wink:

There is more wrong with Lions offense that just the QB injuries. The offensive scheme is out of whack. I predict that Buck will not be able to save the day. However, they may not yet be out of horseshoes. (where is the fingers crossed icon that so many other sites have?)

I think one of the biggest mistakes last night was not more running of the football. 16 of 38? You'd think Wally would have pushed harder on the running game. Like they said on the radio after the game, if you don't run the ball, play-action doesn't work.

I think it's good that the Leos lost now. I'd rather see them lose a couple now, and learn how to win again, than go 10+ in a row, and then forget how to win suddenly, like they did in '04 and '05.

You can indeed make the case that losing Dickenson, and even Pierce is a severe blow.
However I am pretty sure in the build-up to the season we heard nothing but hype as to how fantastic all your QBs were so, I guess there is a little bit of, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” on that issue.
Regarding the rest of the players however, I don’t think the players you have lost are any more vital to your team than our guys are to us.
And several of our guys are on the 9 game list so they will be out for half the season, compared to the day to day, week by week situation with most of your guys (Dickenson excepted).
Anyway, injuries are part of the game. You suck it up and move forward.
I just wasn’t going to let some Lion fan get away with the “injury” excuse–even though one knew it was coming.

I personally think it is a tribute to the depth of both teams as to how well they both played, particularly on defence despite all the injuries on both sides.

Two good point hwgill, better to lose now than in November!

I would have thought we would have seen more running plays too!