Where are all the Canadian return specialists ?

Canadian players have really stepped it up very quickly over the past few years being able to star or be solid starters at positions that were almost exclusive for Imports in recent years.
Receivers really made a big jump with almost every team having its #2 receiver being Canadian.
There have been three RBs over the past two seasons that have really had all star power as starters but also but RB such as rookie Matt Walter was an excellent #2 RB in Calgary and Winnipegs Carl Volney has shown the ability but cant seem to shake the injury bug.
At RT the Riders Patrick Neufeld was the unsung piece on a star studded OLine that included all star free agents, Top draft pick and an Import LT up for rookie of the year.
Interior DLineman playing DT have also become a plenty and are the highlight of this years draft.
To my Knowledge only Sam Giguere was the only full time Kick off Canadian Returner something that he specialized in during his time in the NFL.

Who will be a top Canadian Kick Off or Punt return specialist in the CFL in the near future?

The Canadian punt/kick returner pretty much went the way of the dodo when the league introduced he special teams designated import rule, largely in response to Henry Gizmo Williams of the Esks. It was felt that by doing this, all the teams could have a chance to pick up the same sort of speedster and make for more exciting returns.

I think that with a lot more better athletes playing football in Canada now and the space on the non import roster. More teams may begin to look for a Canadian return specialists probably at a lower costs and use the DI space for positions that are still almost all imports right now such as DEs and Cover DBs. There are more beginning to come out of the CIS who may be able to specialize in this but not really ready to or have the ability to play DB aside from safety or a receiver who is fast but not having the hands or route running ability. A lot of football players are beginning to work out with the winter track teams.
Bamba got released b the riders as he did not impress as a receiver but is fast. the Argos have held Quncy Hurst on the practice roster and will be on the training camp roster and has a similar build to Chad Owens. The Argos also have Felio- Gudino who was a good punt returner at Laval when he was used.

there are none.

honestly I have not seen anyone who could seriously specialize in that position.

why would you waste a NI position at that role?

what if he gets hurt? then you have to change your lineup to make up for the change in ratio.

it's not worth it.

If he's injured, the team would just replace him with another player, import or non-import. Only the offence and defence are affected by injuries to non-imports.

Samuel Giguere

Yes I mentioned Giguere as the only Canadian returner. He is a good one also. that was what he specialized at in his time in the NFL. For Hamilton he was the one kick off returner who held his spot all season for the Cats who were second in the league in KO return yards. He had a few different partners but he was the Main Stay. Most likely continue that duty under the new staff also as well as time at receiver.
Off the return topic a bit Giguere played a lot on coverage teams also while starting at WR.

Exactly it would not affect the roster. I will be curious to see what will happen in Toronto with Chad Owens. He spent a lot of time on the field last year and got his record and now that he has become a top receiver out of the Slot now that is alot of running. If they want him to last he will need to cut back on his returning.
Feoli-Gudino was a very successful returner at Laval during his first two seasons.
Quincy Hurst spent a lot the season on the Argos practice roster and was a top returner at Manitoba in his only two seasons there. He played one year of Junior College in the US and two in the CIS so he could have returned to Manitoba. So reading between the lines the Argos may be planning on giving him a shot as a return specialist by keeping him on the practice roster.
They have also aquired Jonathon Hood who was a record breaking returner at StFX. Spent three seasons with Hamilton mostly on specials but may have the ability to be a back up CB/DB/safety while returning.