when are the riders going to do something.sign thurman and paul atleast.
if we lose either of those guys we will be screwed even worse than we are.they need to give some hope to us die hard fans.so back to my question

this is not the time to panic :wink: i think the Danny & Shivers have learned there lesson from last year and will do some signing including free agents :mrgreen: i hope :shock:

…from a marketing point of view though it helps to have announcments every so often to keep people interested through the off season…improvements and signings are important to seasons tickets drives…I’d be surprised to see Paul go anywhere else, but you never know, BC is pretty hungry for a kicker…

Announcements "every so often" would be peachy.....it's been two months and there has been nothing out of Taylor Field save for the loss of two coaches.....no big "Christmas present", no big signings.....nothing.....I'm starting to resign myself to the fact that we will likely go with the same lineup as last year, reaping the same results.....

if we cant get a qb then i hope we can get a great rec and simpson would be a nice addition to our d.its a nice dream i hope this happens

I was a big supporter of Barrett and Shivers in November and December, but my support is getting eroded fast. I had faith that they would recognize that the status quo is not going to work for us, but that does not seem to be the case.

Other teams are making small improvements while we stay motionless. If they do nothing substantial this off-season, then I will not be supporting their continued time in Riderland (unless they make it to the Grey Cup then I will eat my critisism gladly). We must make the attempt to improve personell over the off-season. A receiver and quarterback (even if it is some hotshot rookie out of the states) would do great things for our club. Please let me see some action~!!!!

I do not mean to be a jack @ss but last year the fans in Saskatchewan were content at the status quo. I think Crandell will be better this year and upgrade amybe in the receivers (ones that catch the ball) would help. I would not be in a big panic, the oline is the best in the league so that should make up for any short comings at QB. The problem with Crandell is hot and cold and well Nealon should be sent packing bring in a young guy that can be groomed. Butler if he can not play now he will never play send him with Nealon. Anyway that is my observation.

i will have to agree turf greene bring in a young qb to learn from crandell for a year or two.sign a great rec simpson on d.this would be great.i think if the riders did this we could be contenders in the west again.it should also help having no marcell.now the riders should learn how to throw more than that swing pass for two yards

McCallum is from Surrey, and with the problems the Lions had with O'Missy, you better sign him before he gets "Home sick" and bolts to BC.

I don't think even BC with their kicking woes is stupid/desperate enough to sign McShankum.