when does training camp start?! i dont think ive heard...

June 2nd Full Camp Starts
Rookie Camp may 29th

dont you mean may 29 :lol:

I stand Corrected..

(Onknight) I stand Corrected..
I think you were right the first time, Onknight. I heard that players would report on May 29th, but I don't think that training camp starts in earnest until June 2nd.

Upon reporting, the players will likely get playbooks, study various formations, get medicals and do some light workouts. By June 2nd however, I think they get very, very serious.

The Ticats are breaking new ground this year, rocky123.

Prior to Training Camp there will 3 or 4 day Rookie Camp.

Your definition of what that is, is as good as mine

but my guess is rookies will be working earnestly
toward earning a spot on the team.


Try Out Camp is at Ivor Wynne tommorrow

Do we have any idea what the times for camp are going to be yet??