When your watching your team play live in an away game.....

did you still cheer just as loud as you would if were at your teams home stadium? Even though inside your head, you fear that your gonna get beat by a mob of opposing fans?

Personally i dont think i would cheer at an away game.

I cheer louder to make up for it. Nothing like pissing off the home teams fans.

Been to Edmonton the past two Calgary/Edmonton games with a group from gostampsgo.com.

We always cheer extremly loud.

So the answer is yes.

As loud as possible… I went to Taylor Field for a game two years ago and screamed my head off because I was one of maybe 25 Stamps fans there… so you have to try harder to make up for it.

Labour day is always a blast... and I saw a game once in Toronto between the bombers and the Argos... me and my buddy were all decked out in bomber gear and we screamed like crazy the whole game... It's always fun to see games in other stadiums, still have pictures... :stuck_out_tongue:

haven’t been to a CFL game, but I was cheering loud of the Alaska Aces when they came to Atlanta to play the Gladiators in the Kelly Cup.