When you have several coaches.....

I'm surprised at several comments on these boards that HC Miller lets the other coaches coach without interfering in their decisions. Most seem the think the buck falls on the HC. My question to others on this board is this? Would you be a coach on any team in any sport where the HC overrules your decisions?

Not suggesting our "other" coaches are doing a remarkable job. I'm saying Miller is doing what he is supposed to to. If there is a problem with any of the coaches.... isn't that a GM job?

Miller is a fatherly figure with many years experience. Our team would not be where they are now without him, imho of course.

Well put. But as far as I know, the Riders and other CFL teams are set up in a way where the GM is in charge of bringing in the players (obviously listening to what the coach figures the team needs). The head coach is in charge of his coaching staff.

The HC hires his coaches, not the GM, altho there is usually "consultation".

Appreciate the comments. I asked several questions in the OP, any armchair coaches care to comment on the others?

Do you think Huffy doesn't tell his coaches what is what? I can't see him sitting meekly near by, hoping for the best. Miller is the HEAD coach and as such it's his way or the highway. The issue I think is that most of them have been Head Coaches and that is what gets in the way. You have to show respect but you also have to be firm with these guys. Just hiring head coaches for every position doesn't mean your going to have a good team. Maybe that's our problem. We're confused with so many head coaches and their own opinions. We need one voice (think of Austin) and the coaches follow his lead for good or bad. A Head coach is the face that the players ultimately are responsible to and he's the one that does the firing. He has to be in charge or it's just confusion to the fans and players.

It's a bit of a unique situation. Ken Miller actually has more authority than Taman. Unfortunately I don't think we'll see any changes this year, but I'm hoping we don't see Jim Daley back as ST coach next year. It's been almost laughable at how bad they've been, with no actual improvement.