when will you concede?

after that loss tonight,its looking more and more like we'll see either cgy or b.c. cross over in the playoffs. with cgy 6 points ahead of both ham and wpg,
and how the cats next 5 look(vs b.c.,@edm,vs wpg,@b.c.,and vs.mtl),i can see them beating wpg-that will be 14 games in the books with 3 wins, 11 losses.
at what point in the next 5 games, will it be time to start "looking toward next year" and another new head coach?i'd really love to see casey put on a great show in two games against wally but honestly, i don't see it-one hopping passes to his wr's, "running for his life", it doesn't bode well for any playoff hopes does it? throw in a bad coaching decision or three...

it kind of makes you wonder where the team would be with a little help at the trouble spots-say a dj flick, wayne smith, mike morreale, kamau peterson(used properly).

just wondering,
city legend

Was it the players we had or just the fact that we have had poor coaching and game preparation for years?

It was and continues to be a question of poor talent evaluation.

This was a team that stuck with Timmy Chang for two years

This is a team that told us Willie Ponder was the next coming of Geroy Simon, and that Tony Miles was a "go-to" receiver. This is the ONLY team that can't seem to find at least one All star caliber receiver.

Go back to the early posts in June. See how optimistic you all were? Seems like you all bought the bill of goods.

I suggest that Obie may have lost the hop on his fastball.

Conceded, season is officially over, time to rebuild for next year. There will be a crossover and there is no way we can win two more games-which means we can't catch the Argos. Another $750 down the tubes. Bob has taken me for over $6000 not a great feeling. I've had season tickets for over 15 years and am now really feeling no hope.

Conceded. The next time this team is a contender, I will probably be in a retirement home. And I am only in my late thirties, shows how little hope I have left in this team.

The sad thing is that this goes way beyond just another bad team. This situation, if it is not turned around (and it might be too late already) can lead to a total collapse again of the Ticat organization. Let's face it, if Bob Young wants out, there is no one lining up behind him to take over this team. If the fans stop coming, and i would not blame them, this team may be in real jeopardy. Allowing this coaching staff to take home paychecks, while this team continues to slip out of sight, is highway robbery and a real pity.