When will we run out of bullets?

So here is my question. When will the gun the bombers use to shoot themselves finally run out of bullets? the last 3 or so seasons the bombers have had a strong team, that are easily capable of being the numbe 1 team in the east. Yet every time they get a lead or get late into the game, the take bad penalties, throw interceptions, lose the ball with a fumble, etc, etc... not to mention this past week when Canada gets a fumble recovery inside the red zone and the bombers don't even move the ball 5 yards.

The team we have this year should easily without any questions be the number 1 team in the east and walk into MTL knowing what they can do and how they will do it.

Really I just wanna see this team score touchdowns when they want, put teams away before they ever had a chance and do what they should and win. its time ti aim the gun at the other team and put the bullet in their foot.

I have been a big bomber fan for years and will be till i die but sometimes like after a game like this past week, it is hard to be a bomber fan.

... i know what you mean footballmad...frustrating is an under-statement...guess we have to just try and keep the faith :roll:

No doubt the next one in Montreal is going to be tough. But it actually is good timing, Berry will see what kind of heart his guys have after this one. Better to find out sooner rather than later.

You guys are just being homers...Winnipeg is NOT dominant in the East. Toronto and Montreal were very close last season and they have both improved.

Had the Bombers sustained the injuries the als did last year and played without Glenn for 5 games they would have finished third in the division.

Going in to Montreal without a centre that can snap questionable punter and no returner and a QB who makes 3 to 4 bad throws a game is not DOMINANT its INCONSISTANT.

So, what will that say about the Als if the Bombers come out with the win ?

Well winning in Montreal after losing at home would make them inconsistant. Losing would make them average.

And winning on the road and losing at home would make the Als inconsistant as well. But losing to an average team at home, would make the Als below average. :stuck_out_tongue:

Piggy my take on this is that the Bombers had their moments but played like a team that was just not ready. Not in sync. Where as the Als were firing on all cylinders but against a Denny Crehan defense. We in Calgary know about his defensive system. You can nickel and dime the short passes and march up the field and punch it in. And the blitzing well we know sometimes it works and a lot of times you get burnt. But I will not take anything away from the Als they were surprising. Glenn better be much better if you guys are going to win in Montreal. The kicking problem may be worse then you think and the weak snapper needs to be corrected. The receivers played well and Roberts of course never changes. I like the Als in this one for those reasons and also the thirteeth man the crowd there is rabid.

05, I can't argue with anything you or Hx have said about the Bombers, it's all very accurate. But nobody wants to answer the question, what does that say about the Als IF (and that's a big if) the Bombers should win on Friday ?

Frankly, I don't expect them to win. With Donnelly at centre, things will be tough (don't forget he is number 3 on the depth chart with Kahn and now Picard out). They could always take the snap from under centre and hand off or play action to Roberts all night long. Not much different then they do already with the dink and dunk act.

I don't think the kicking game is a real concern, every punter will bobble a snap now and again. Serna is a fantastic place kicker and gets better every time out at placement and distance on his punts (see'ya O'Manhy).


Exactly...(Was checking the roast) :stuck_out_tongue:

Glenn will have to be consistent this year. He has some stud receivers and a great RB behind him. All he has to do is keep the mistakes down(interceptions) and the Bombers will get there.