When will we know if that NFL Regu Season game will be here?

When will we know if we're going to get that NFL Regular Season game played here next year?

It won't be next year. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it. If any where, Toronto will be first, and there is nothing planned there either (yet).

they said in 2008

...a 'regular' season game?....is there even a precedent for this?...sure there are many PS games played outside of the States but I don't think I've ever heard of a regular season game being played anywhere other than the home team's actual stadium....my first reaction to this would be how does a team sell this to their regular fan base?....if I were say a Seahawk season ticket holder and in 2008 they said, oh yeah, btw, you only get X number of home games instead of Y because on this weekend the team is playing in Vancouver, you know, to showcase our product to a place that will never get an NFL team, because that makes sense you know', well, I think I'd be pi$$ed...I know that's a sarcastic view, but are you sure?...a regular season game?.....

Nothing about it in the local papers or radio.....

I beleive its just a wish right now Red.

i hope there isnt one...i really do...that could just kill the leauge(cfl)

....it would seem awfully strange Sporty, awfully strange....

...which leads me to ask

who is 'they'?......

Who cares?

The Paul Godfrey wannabee's...I guess.

Ya there is precedent.. A regular season game was held in Mexico City a few seasons back between the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers. Also, the NFL has stated that they will have more regular season games being played outside of the US in the near future. London is the front runner to play host to the next one.

Here in Canada, Toronto has shown interest in bringing a game up (surprise, surprise) as well as Vancouver and even Edmonton.

...hey thanks EVM, I remember that game, thought it was a PS game, but lo and behold it was played in late September....well, maybe then it would work......

If you wish to see an NFL game simply go to one. Whats the difference? If they do it would be like a double road game for the two teams involved. I can tell you from experience the NFL is just anothter football game nothing exciting. I have been to many bowl games and many NFL games. I prefer the college bowl games over the NFL. They were much more fun. But I guess if you were one to find out for themselves I say go for it. Go to a game and then decide for yourself. For me it was just not the same experience then right here in the CFL.

Good point 005 . Besides ,it's not that far from Vancouver to Seattle anyway , so why bother bringing a game here?

Pennw that what is so funny, these typical little no minds that want NFL do not even know they can go to a game down south or that they can afford it because frankly they are to young to drive or could not afford it. Now if you can not afford a little side trip to Seattle how would be able to go to an NFL game in the first place. The same with the Souther Ontario NFL want to bee. The can easily take in games in Buffalo or Detroit so what is the problem is it money. And if you can not go to a game that would tell me your support for NFL team would be minimal.

Well hell of course I know you can go to Seattle for a game! Do you clowns think that fans here don't know that?!!! I've been to 4 games down there! I'm asking about an NFL game here and you tell me something I already know!!!!

So just because you can go to Seattle for a game then we shouldn't ever have an NFL game here? What a stupid line of reasoning. Mabey consider that not everyone can afford $ 300 for a weekend trip to Seattle and this is an opportunity to see a game here live.

Judging from the apathetic attitude on here, I'd say there would be more Seattle fans coming up for such a game here than Lions fans.

Scott Ackles departure must be an indication that the Lions future looks pretty bleak. He must have some inside info that BC Place won't be around after 2010 so why shouldn't he bolt from here?

At least in Calgary Scott can be in a city whose Premier isn't threatening to tear down the Stadium just to build some more condos

......At least in Calgary Scott can be in a city whose Premier isn't threatening to tear down the Stadium just to build some more condos.....

And when did Premier Campbell make that statement?????? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Of course there would be more Seattle fans at a Seattle game than there would be Lions fans . Why are you telling us something we already know??? And so it should be , more Seattle fans than Lions fans at a SEATTLE game. :roll:

Your trouble 120 is that you are on the wrong forum . In case you you didn't notice , this is a CFL site and this is a LIONS forum , so naturally most on here are LIONS FANS instead of seahawks fans, is that straight forward enough for you??

he said it after the dome roof collapsed.... well what he said is that there should be a debate about the dome's future... we know where this is headed... The land it sits on could garner 300 million for the Government... the whole BC Lions club may be worth 10 million.

unfortunately and sadly, my cousin is a Real Estate agent and he is aware that the Government is PRIVATELY taking bids right now for the property that the dome sits on and he says it will be demolished... they're just not saying too much publically right now in order not to upset too many fans...

you know that's really a shame for our city... I was so excited in 1983 watching them inflate the dome and realizing Vancouver had such an exciting sports facility...

I guess with no chance of Major League Baseball coming here (that was the motivation behind a new Stadium in the first place) there is no chance the dome can make a profit... the BC Lions really don't amount to much in the Government's opinion...

Bob Ackles says that every time he meets the Premier he tells him how nice a stadium BC Place is...

Mr. Ackles, call a spade a spade. Campbell ain't paying attention to you... turn off the lights, close the curtains and say Goodnight

the dome is done

Wow , you do have the inside track on things .

yeah I do, and furthermore, though this is a Lions site, remember it is the owner of the Lions David Braley who would be bidding on such an NFL game here with a view to increasing the profile of the game of football in Vancouver and possibly on upping ticket sales for future Lions games.

So by me bringing that topic up here I'm not being pro NFL or anti CFL. Do keep in mind the NFL does subsidize the CFL.

Such a game here would be a ROAD game for both teams coming here. So if the Seahawks were involved they wouldn't lose out on any home games in Seattle, so you can shoot that theory down in flames.