When will we have a new GM and coach?

This is getting over ridiculous as the time tics away. I have very little faith and I'm thinking that we're going to be the laughing stock as Copeland will end up hiring some no named flunkies setting us back years and years. MAN I hope I'm wrong but this just is dragging for Argonauts fans. This should have been done three months back.

Another day with no news. Things are just rosy in Argoland.

I really hope that the Argo braintrust have a plan. That they are waiting to roll out a new GM and Head coach.

Sadly, I think they have no plan and have botched this up, which means the team is in for a potentially terrible 2017.

Its been tough to be a fan since 2014.

Perhaps today is the day we get some flunkies signed to our GM and coach.

Boat continues to take on water and is heading for the ocean's floor.

I thought it hit the bottom on Lake Ontario but I could be wrong. It hasn't hit rock bottom yet. haha.

I can feel it. Today's the day we get very disappointed in our new GM and coach hires. Or it could be a month from now.

I really don't know what to think anymore. First we were made believe Copeland was going to hire a big time guy to over see all their Football Operations much like a Shanahan. He then would hire a GM who I presume would either keep Milanovich or hire a new Coach. Then we find out Condell is hired as a "consultant". Did Copeland run this by the new (unnamed) Football Operations or was Condell really brought in as a Offensive Coordinator for Milanovich before he jumped ship.
Big rumour a couple of weeks ago was Tommy Clements being the Head guy plus GM, and maybe Head Coach if he didn't want to keep Milanovich. Scott fixed that decision by bailing.
Latest rumour is Trestman coming in as Coach and some friend of his as a cartaker GM. Don't know where that leaves the Shanahan type guy.
When something finally happens, I hope I'm pleasantly surprised. But I have a feeling I won't be.

This new regime has been a huge disappointment.

Last winter on the Argo site before my banning I got ripped constantly for saying the new ownership group wasn't doing enough or marketing fast enough. It was always the same bs 'The Sky Is Falling' comments by the rose coloured glasses crowd. Well it has been a total mess since day one. This team can't afford to fall any further in the Toronto sports scene and yet we hear very little from Copeland and zero from actual owners. They don't seem to give a crap. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there has to be some potential owner who grew up in Toronto as an Argonaut fan who did well and can afford them now.

Well it's Feb 9th any new news on a GM or coach yet? I guess Copeland is too busy taking his online football 101 classes to make any moves yet.

Some podcast's wacky speculation. Argo have already hired a new GM, and his name is Brendan Taman. Argos are just waiting for the right time to make the announcement. Jim Barker's allegedly reply was that Taman would set the Argos back 25 years.

You can't set them back any further then they are.

Bummer it wasn't the Argo's that worked out Manziel illegally.

Then at least we would have something to talk about.

Bombers just signed our best player while we sit on our hands.

I was excited for the schedule release and immediately started looking for games I can attend.....then I remembered we have Willy as QB and no coach or GM and 2017 is a write off.
Money back in my pocket.

I bet Copeland didn't even know who Ocapulongo was. I know I butchered the spelling. This is going to be a horrible year or five.

Tic Toc..Tic Toc..Still no GM or coach. Copeland get off your lazy arse and do something.

As another day fades to black the Argonauts fall further and further out of the minds on Torontonians. What a bunch of incapable morons running this organization. You have to start asking the question, are they trying to kill the franchise?

I'll keep posting until Copeland does something. Another day and squat. Copeland the franchise killer. He could have done something four months ago. Something smells very rotten along the shores of Lake Ontario.

I am sure the process is well underway.

One thing Copeland does not do very well is leak information to build the franchise. It is done effectively in every other business. If the process is into a short list already, that info can be leaked through sources. If they were looking at 10 candidates, that info needs to get out.

Argos need to make a play for Manziel. Just the movement on the neg list puts the Argos on every sport pages throughout N.A.

League can use him. If he can not make it, they have lost nothing. League too strong. If he does make it than Argos are front and center on every sports interest in N.A. Could be a great marketing tool and I can assure them will result in more season tickets. 3 or more solid FA signings, big name GM, quality coach. 3 draft selections in the top 30. None of it is the wrong move

League is entertainment first, sports 2nd.