When will Ticket Prices and Info Be Announced????

I am deciding if Want stay where I am
Or I go to a cheaper Spot next year.

So I Need to know when will Prices for next Season Tickets be announced..

Bump could someone answer please

i find they are usually announced between march and april

8) New ticket prices will be announced a long time before March or April !!! Last year the season Ticket package came out before Christmas because you were required to put a $100 deposit down per ticket by Feb. 3 to retain your existing seats. Payment in full was required on or before March 17.

The team will definitely have the prices and packages available before Christmas to entice fans to buy them as Christmas gifts !!!!! :roll:

Still it would be nice to know ASAP.

Maybe Announce the same time as the New GM


Prices should be out within the next two weeks.

So much for chistmas presents of ticat tickets

After they sign a new GM that is going to save the Ticats and bring us the Cup next year :lol: Thats when they will slap every season ticket holder with the give us more for your seat BRUTAL :thdn: :cowboy: SMOKIN

Have to agree after the season we had
Raising prices is a slap in the face.