when will this ottawa forum close down?

The cfl in not coming back to ottawa. theres really no point to this "ottawa forum" I think you gotta draw a fine line when it comes to the exsistance of this, you ottawa fans are just a few blocks short of a crazy bitch splashing around in a pool.

oh relax. im just kidding. but honestly whats the deal? you guys coming back? if not well look on the brightside, at least your better than the ticats.

The diehards will keep this site going. We have faith.
Yes I do miss beating the Ticats, that was one team we could beat on a regular basis - along with Montreal.

Keep it going. Keep the pressure on City Hall.

As long as there's some activity, I don't see a point in removing this folder.

I didn't see a point in removing the Renegades logo either, mind you, but closing this forum would send an even worse message. It's one thing to remove a link to a site that's not being used, it's another to remove a folder in the official forum where at least some fans are trying to keep their chins up.

In the interest of keeping this site open and the Ottawa team, whatever they decide to call it, Here is support. Keep this thread open. We need a strong CFL .

Ottawa is doing great. They haven’t lost a game all year.

I picked them to finish ahead of Hamilton.

You close BoobyP, your only off by 2

If it takes activity 2 keep this forum alive then this is my contribution. 8 teams suck. Make it 10 or 12.

Keep it open "Let's Go Riders"...that would be the Eastern Rough Riders. In case ya'll wondering.....

The Eastern Riders had a great year in 2007. Didn't loose a single game at home. I know that's dumb but the point is to keep the post alive. At least untill the Eastern Riders can win or loose a game at home.

Glad to see your all still alive there in Ottawa. Cant wait to see you with a team again so Winnipeg can be in the west again

Hang in there Ottawa. When the Asper plan fails in Winnipeg he may want to look at the Ottawa option. In the beginning Asper wanted to locate a team in Ottawa but his children changed his mind. That was his words. So there is hope.

WOW!!! Is that true or are you joking ?


Although I think our best hope lies with the Hunt-led group. The Ottawa option will close real fast if a group that wants to build a flower garden instead of a stadium wins the competition