When will this defense stop arm tackling?

Can we learn how to tackle? Has been brutal all season.

Beveridge is the worse. He won't tackle. I'd swear he refuses. He just wants to reach out from a distance and arm tackle as you say.

Has he ever EVER hit anyone? Has he ever made a play?

Time to go with Barker. At least he shows aggressiveness and a nose for the ball on special teams

Defense was not the problem tonight...nor was Beveridge...

Please, rewatch the game on TSN.ca and just watch #19.

Please rewatch the game on TSN.ca and just watch the OFFENSE!!

Watch #25 in white.

No argument the offense sucked, but this thread is about the bad tackling.

On most occassions the Cats tackling was crisp. Your going to have broken tackles and occassion and sometimes the defense is not in position to wrap the ball carrier up. The biggest problem was the poor execution by the offense.

Yes, the biggest problem tonight was the offense.

Cager started this thread to discuss the defenses poor tackling of late.

There are many other threads about why we lost tonight.


And ...defense was NOT the reason.....

The pass coverage was good. The run defense was terrible. Don't know why the Argos stopped running the ball up the guy.

Beveridge is slow and trys to hug the guy as he runs with the ball right by him.

Barker is a beast on special teams and I think it's time to unleash him on defense.

Again, this thread is not about the reason for the loss.

I'd swear, almost every game, he's at the back of a two man congo line that goes on for several yards.

Barker is a beast on special teams and I think it's time to unleash him on defense.
Absolutely! Time for Barker to get a chance.

as much as i agree barker needs to replace bev eventually,,, im not too worried about our defence,,,kinda sux seein the def playin their ass off and then gettin worn down cause our stupid offence can't get their crap together and give them more than a 3 play rest.

True enough!

About time a great comment ......If our defense could only have had time to rest up and talk with the positional coaches and view quik shots, make adjustments , have a drink of water any of the adjustments needed in the game of football require some time to talk and communicate with your players . They never even had time for that on most occasions. Capkirk said it, you all read it our defence held us in that game and many others so so much they deserve a big hats off ... it is our lack of putting up the points and sustaining drives for our complete football team to be very successful.

P.S Arm tacking was brought up on TSN is prolly the only reason this thread cam about .

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DEFENSE ( not a big fan of beverage either )

We have not had a great HARD HITTING SAFETY since Rob Hitchcock those were the days :lol:

Right on, cats99, absolutely, and that kind of defensive play is HIGHLY effective.

I thought you weren't blaming him for the loss?????
Sounds like you are to me...

Let's say he was [b]a[/b] and not the problem.