When will there be a CFL video game

okay, am i the only person who thinks there should be a cfl video game? it is much more entertaing to watch than the nfl, so the game would be better also. the AFL(arena football league) is getting a game made by easports. the arena football league is a complete joke. the field is 50 yards and it is something like 8 players a side. what do you think, should there be a game for the great CFL.

I’m making one right now, but it’s for the old Atari 2600 platform, so yeah. Go buy an Atari (or go down in the basement and blow the dust off yours, you know you have one stashed away somewhere) and I’ll sell you a copy for real cheap.

I’d love it if they just added the CFL to the Madden franchise.

They add hundreds of European hockey teams to their NHL franchise, why not do the same with the Madden games?

Sounds good to me!


the nfl would never go for that. they would not want americans to gain interest in the cfl in anyway what so ever. two different leagues, two different countries, two different video games.

I’m not holding my breath for the video game. What I would like to see is the CFL hire McFarlane Toys to create a line of “CFL Sportpicks Figures”. The job they do on those figures are great! I’ve picked up quit a few NHL ones. They were able to get McFarlane to design the CFLPA’s logo. The Stamps got him to show up at their fanfest, and they have Canada exclusive release for some of the figures. Surely there must be a market for other CFL collectables other than clothes and trinkets. If there is a market for trading cards, I’d like to think there is a collectors market for those. It would be cool if they used this site to vote on the 5 or 6 players that would make up the very first series. Would any of you buy a collector peice that McFarlane Player Figures?

As long as they had a Kenton Keith or Matt Dominguez. (A Cool accessory for these 2 would be the Grey Cup that they are going to win at the end of the season). I would definately buy some of these.

you can get a custom CFL Madden Roster off someone on this site…i think '05

Oh I’d totally buy one. I hate bobblehead figures, but the McFarlane figures are PIMPED. I’ve got Jose Theodore and Steve Yzerman for the NHL series, and my boy Deuce McAllister for the NFL. I love those things, they look so real!

As for a CFL video game, I dont see it happening. Sure, the market in Canada is growing for it. But I still dont believe its enough to make a profitable game out of it. And as for replacing the NFL Europe teams in Madden with CFL ones, I think the reason they dont, or wont, is because you would also have to put in all the CFL rules, which would be too much of a hassle. I’m sure the idea has come up over at EA Sports. I mean, they do have a head office in Vancouver. Would be too much work though. But if hell freezes over and they do come out with a game, I’d be the first to buy it…

CFL 2006 or 2007 will include the following

the current 9 CFL Teams(plus all star teams and all the legendary eams especially the US teams)

exhibition mode

franchise/owner mode

practice mode

skills competition

9 current stadiums plus old school stadiums(exhibition Stadium, autostade, empire stadium, and baltimore memorial stadium)

check out www.playcanadianrules.com for more information

I’d take that game over Madden anyday.

–Bah, I’m still not buyin it. Don’t get me wrong, I’d have to change my underwear if this was 100% a go. Maybe I’m just a pessimist, but until I see some hardcore proof, I’m not holding my breath. I believe the interest is there, I’m not doubting the website’s authenticity. I just won’t believe it until I see it.

How about custom teams and the ability to play them in a season?

go to http://www.playcanadianrules.com for more details a CFL is in the works and will be on par if not better then the current Madden games. Or go to http://www.petitiononline.com/play251/petition.html to show your support and sign a petition.

It only has 162 signietes, I though they be more than a 1,000 by now!

If you are making such claims that it will be on par with madden…prove it. You cant expect people to put their faith into a project with nothing to back up your comments.

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