When will there be a CFL team in Atlantic Canada?

Tickets are going on sale in the next few weeks for another Touchdown Atlantic game in Moncton. The game last year was a tremendous success, and there is no reason why this year's game won't be the same. There seems to be real potential for a successful franchise in this area (either Moncton or Halifax). My question is, how long do you think it will be before there is a CFL franchise in Atlantic Canada? If Halifax gets their new stadium, it could be as early as 2015 or 2016. Does Moncton have any real plans to expand and upgrade their stadium?

2020 I think we may see it

Within the next 5 years. I'm not joking either.
By 2016 I'd be very surprised if their wasn't a franchise in Atlantic Canada.

In a perfect world, both Ottawa and Moncton would come in together in 2013 or 2014.
The way the political nonsense in Ottawa is going, I would not be surprised if Moncton gets their franchise first.

What I would suspect, is in 2012-13 Hamilton is going to be refurbishing Ivor Wynne. Thus the Cats won't be playing there for most of a year (or an entire Year). It's the perfect chance to test the East Coast water to see if sustained support will occur. If that experiment works, well....who knows but I'd give them a couple years after that fact. It's all a manner of finding a committed owner, or if the community wants to own the team.

i agree with this. i think its likely the hammer plays their games in moncton that year… if moncton does well and there is interest in owning a team there, then probably 2015 at the latest. ideally we get 10 teams here…


  1. bc 2. calgary 3. edmonton 4. sask 5. wpg


  1. montreal 2. toronto 3. hamilton 4. moncton/maritimes. 5. quebec city/ ottawa (i prefer the qc because ontario has enough teams they dont support)

would then be truly a coast to coast league too :slight_smile:

There is no way the Ti-Cats will play the bulk of their home games anywhere else but in Toronto while waiting for the Ivor Wynne to be rebuilt. It would be foolish to go so far away that none of their season ticket base can attend any of the games.

Id be supportive to see 2 games in Moncton

do it the old fashioned way! find an open field, line it, mark it. and then have the fans stand around and watch..


er, uh...

When pigs fly.

No, wait, when hell freezes over.

In all seriousness, hopefully before Quebec City because there is no way they will ever go over 10 until there is a viable 12th team in the west. That won't be for another 50 years in my opinion, unless you are willing to consider Anchorage, AK which you aren't, so, yeah.

Bring on the Schooners.

Pink Floyd - :rockin: made my day none the less.

I agree, I would expect a mix of locales as the team seems to want to expand regional interest, I figure they might be able to squeeze half the games into Ivor Wynne before the refurb. That leaves 9. 3 in Moncton, 4 between Guelph, London/McMaster, 2 vs the Argos at the Rogers Center and forfeit the home advantage to the other team, but get a cut of the profits.

Well, I figure whatever happens will be in the interests that I see from the league or whomever, that eventually it will be one team in the GTA and the way I see it, the TiCats are that, the Argos are not that.

Only thing changing that is if the Argos play in a football type specific stadium and I don't see that happening. The CFL will eventually make the break from Toronto therefore and prove the league can be excellent without a team in the "Centre of the Universe".

All that changes of course if the Argos do, as I say, play in a football type specific stadium which is a big long shot.

My guess, the "new" IWS in Hamilton eventually is replaced down the road by a stadium between Toronto and Hamilton somewhere and the "new" IWS becomes a, well, not sure exactly.

But I might be dead wrong of course. :wink:

The Oakville Argo-Tiger-Cats?


If 1/2 their home games are going to be in Hamilton before the reburb, that only leaves 4 -5 "away, home games" not 9.

I think by 2018 but thats if everything goes smoothly, but it never does. that being said 2023.

I'll say two or three years after Ottawa comes back (hopefully 2013). The reason I say that is because current rosters would be decimated if there were two expansion drafts within a close timeframe of one another. I don't think it will be any longer than that because if Touchdown Atlantics are still going on by 2018, people in the maritimes might feel like they're just getting jerked around.

If there was any chance that there could be 2 teams added to the league in short order then what I think happens is the league would go to the CFLPA and use that to lower the NI requirement. I'm not saying that's what should happen but what would probably happen. Personally if I was commish and I had a team coming in like Ottawa and there was a serious investor that wanted a team somewhere else at about the same time, I would allow the current teams to carry a couple more NIs on the practice roster as developmental guys so there is a better pool of players come expansion draft time and the current teams don't take such a big hit. Should be a new TV deal coming soon, with the ratings continuing to grow there should be some more TV money that can be used to help cover a couple of extra NI practice players for a season or 2. My guess is that its probably 5 years away or more unfortunately. The league and any potential team owners might want to experience this years touchdown atlantic and maybe a couple more to make sure the interest is real before they pony up the dough. Then the stadium will need to be expanded. Plus if Halifx actually builds the stadium they've discussed in recent months that will further cloud the picture, they might try some games in Halifax to compare to Moncton, yada yada yada.