When will the tigercats achieve their first.....

Predict when:

  1. Ticats will score first TD

  2. Ticats will win first game

  3. Maas will throw his first TD

  4. Chang will displace Maas

  5. Setta gets tired of loosing and demands a trade

My thoughts:

  1. Versus Winnepeg

  2. Against Edmonton

  3. First and only game against Edmonton

  4. Soon...lol

  5. Not Sure

  1. vs Montreal next Saturday

  2. Aug 11th vs. Edmonton

  3. Between #1 and #2

  4. Not sure

  5. Not sure

  1. Tomorrow at practice
    2)Next week vs MTL
    3)Yea.... you got me there.. I got nothing
    4)See #2
    5)Never.. he loves leading the team in scoring!!
  1. Next week
  2. Week 6
  3. Never
  4. Week 5
  5. Never
  1. Week Three.

  2. Week Five.

  3. Maas may never throw another CFL touchdown again.

  4. See Answer # 3

  5. See HalfTheDistance's Answer # 5

  1. Next week vs. Montreal.

  2. See #1. (That had better happen, the next games after that are in B.C. then Winnipeg.)

  3. August 11th in Edmonton (we'll be going with Chang much of the rest of the way, I think.)

  4. As a starter? See #1.

  5. He won't demand a trade as he won't get tired of the offense getting stalled so close to the end zone so many times, allowing him to make his statistics look better with all those easy field goals.